Reston Hospital Center Uses Radar Guidance in Breast Surgery

Reston Hospital Center Uses Radar Guidance in Breast Surgery

— HCA Virginia’s Reston Hospital Center is the first hospital in the region to offer SAVI SCOUT radar localization technology. An alternative to wire localization, SCOUT is an FDA‐cleared device used by surgeons to precisely localize small tumors and direct their removal during surgery. SCOUT uses non‐radioactive, radar technology to provide real-time surgical guidance during breast surgery. Rather than placing a wire immediately before surgery, which is the traditional approach, a SCOUT reflector is placed in the target tissue by a radiologist up to 30 days prior to surgery. The reflector cannot be felt through the skin and decreases the number of procedures a patient will go through on the day of surgery.

Dr. Ziyad Haddad, radiologist at Reston Hospital Center, placed the first reflector at Reston Hospital Center’s Women’s Imaging Center. During surgery, the SCOUT guide aids the surgeon in accurately detecting the location of the reflector and the tumor. The technology helps to strategically plan the incision resulting in less tissue being removed during surgery and potentially better cosmetic outcomes.

Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, breast surgeon at Reston Hospital Center, performed the first lumpectomy using the SCOUT system in Northern Virginia. “The technology of the SAVI SCOUT has taken breast conserving surgery to a new level. With this system, I’m able to have incredible accuracy in localizing a tumor for removal, ultimately giving my patients a much higher chance at seeing better clinical and cosmetic results.”

The addition of the SAVI SCOUT to Reston Hospital Center’s breast cancer treatment options gives patients access to top level care. The hospital’s NAPBC Accredited Breast Center of Excellence offers patients a Certified Breast Patient Navigator to help patients navigate the process. The hospital’s ACR Accredited Women’s Imaging Center allows women access to the imaging services they need in a convenient, comfortable environment. “We’re proud to be the first hospital in Northern Virginia to use the new SCOUT radar localization system,” says John Deardorff, President and CEO of Reston Hospital Center. “It’s our goal to remain at the forefront of surgical technology so that both our surgeons and patients have access to the latest in surgical care.”

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