Great Falls Puts Paint To Canvas

Great Falls Puts Paint To Canvas

Layla Gray works on an oil painting of a Monet garden she saw during a trip to France at the Artists on the Green studio.

Layla Gray works on an oil painting of a Monet garden she saw during a trip to France at the Artists on the Green studio. Photo by Fallon Forbush.


Coty Dickson often creates oil paintings from still life photography. She captured this photo of a fox in Great Falls and is now putting it to oil and canvas at the Artists on the Green studio.


Joyce Lee makes progress on a three-panel canvas oil painting of cherry blossoms at the Artists on the Green studio.


Chris Rollins sketches during the ArtFest. She specializes in creating botanical art with water colors.


Roberta Beasley is working on a mixed media painting at the Artists’ Atelier studio. For these projects, she typically uses acrylic paint to create the background and skies and paper to form landscapes.


Both floors of the two-story Great Falls Grange were transformed to display paintings, photographs, printed linens, jewelry, pottery and other artworks created by Great Falls artists.


This 18-karat silver-infused golden earring by Irrum Merrill is made with rough rubies from Myanmar and a large pearl from Indonesia.

Great Falls is a muse for many of its artists in residence.

“It was just luck that I managed to catch it,” said Coty Dickson. “You know how foxes are, they’re usually after something. This one was just kind of sitting there.”

Dickson captured the fox with a camera. The image of the Great Falls wildlife was now the subject of her newest oil painting. It was on display as a work in progress among her other Great Falls-inspired creations at the Artists on the Green studio in the Great Falls Village Centre.

Dickson’s artwork was just one of many at the Great Falls Studios Spring ArtFest last weekend, April 29-30.

The event displayed local artists’ creations — woven materials, paintings, photographs, prints, pottery, sculptures and jewelry — at the Great Falls Village Centre, the Grange and the Old Forestville Schoolhouse.

The Great Falls Studios is an organization of more than 100 independent artists living in Great Falls. Its artists’ work is featured in group exhibitions throughout the community. The Spring ArtFest featured artists included:

Great Falls Grange

Upstairs — Begoña Morton, Jim Diedrich, Mary Ellen Mogee, Doreen Montis, Linda Jones, and Vad Moskowitz

Downstairs — Bob Gilbert, Robin Smith, Irrum Merrill, Nasrin Khazaei, Dean Souleles, and The Arts of Great Falls

Old Forestville Schoolhouse

Leslie Anthony, Jan Heginbotham, Dee Leggett, and Karen Roll

Great Falls Village Centre

The Artists’ Atelier — Jill Banks, Roberta Beasley, Jennifer Duncan, Elaine Elinsky, Cindy Grisdela, Carol Howard, Walt Lawrence, John Francis McCabe, and Chris Rollins

The Artists’ Loft — Cindi Berry and Donna Robinson

Artists on the Green — Connie Costello, Coty Dickson, Layla Gray, and Joyce Lee

Artists will open their doors for the annual Great Falls Studios Art Tour this fall. The three-day tour is planned for Oct. 20-22 at various locations throughout the community.