What’s on the Local Ballot in Virginia?

What’s on the Local Ballot in Virginia?

Election Day: Nov. 7

Campaign Donations

House District 49

Democrat Alfonso Lopez: $116,000

  • $12,500 from Va League of Conservation Voters
  • $5,000 from SEIU Local 32BJ
  • $3,000 from stockbroker Edward Hart Rice of Vienna
  • $2,500 from investment banker Mirza Baig of Great Falls
  • $2,500 from Realtor Thomson Hirst of Alexandria

Republican Adam Roosevelt: $10,000

  • $1,000 from author Edward Conrad of New York
  • $800 from Surveillance Equipment Group of Lorton
  • $500 from Ike Brannon, president of Capital Policy Analytics
  • $500 from Department of Commerce official Daniel Corrin of Washington, D.C.
  • $500 from Marcus Farris of Antioch, Tenn.

While the battle for the state will take place in the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General elections, a few smaller skirmishes are being fought at the local level. Delegates Mark Levine and Patrick Hope from the 45th and 47th districts are running unopposed for reelection, but in the 49th District three-term incumbent Del. Alfonso Lopez (D) faces off against Adam Roosevelt (R), a 25-year old army veteran. During the campaign, Lopez and Roosevelt have clashed on issues like abortion and Medicaid expansion in Virginia, which Lopez has pushed in the state legislature but Roosevelt said would cost Virginians more in tax dollars in the long run.

In the County Board race, Democratic candidate Erik Gutshall faces a push from the left by two independent candidates, Charles McCullough and Audrey Clement. With experience in county governance and support from much of the local Democratic leadership, Gutshall was selected as Arlington’s Democratic candidate in a crowded caucus earlier this year. McCullough and Clement have both criticized the Democrat-majority County Board’s approach to development, citing new tax incentives offered to businesses like Nestle and a range of projects that have overrun their costs as examples of poor leadership.

At the School Board, Democrat-endorsed Monique O’Grady faces Independents Alison Dough and M.D. “Mike” Webb.

There are no ordinances or bonds on the 2017 Arlington ballots.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls are open from 6 a.m.-7 p.m.

See vote.arlingtonva.us