Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Rescue Reston Committed to Preserve Golf Course

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Rescue Reston Committed to Preserve Golf Course

Open Letter from Rescue Reston to RN Golf Management LLC and Eric Ekeroth, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Northwestern Mutual Real Estate, and Tom Zale, Vice President-Head of Real Estate, Northwestern Mutual, and John E. Schlifske, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Northwestern Mutual and Mark Anstine of ARA Newmark, the broker hired to sell the property at Reston National Golf Course.


Rumor has it that you are encouraging speculative development of the Reston National Golf Course property, including that, through litigation, one might be able to build upwards of 4,000 units on this land. Northwestern Mutual and ARA Newmark personnel responsible for this should be ashamed to be willing to put Fairfax County taxpayers through years of litigation to defend the very definite land use designation of Open Space at the property located at 11875 Sunrise Valley Drive and 2018 Soapstone Drive, Reston, Virginia.

We direct your attention to your PR statement regarding strengthening local communities at northwesternmutual.com/about-us/what-we-believe. If Northwestern Mutual, the majority partner of RN Golf Management LLC, which is the owner of the property at Reston National Golf Course, truly believes its own statement, then NWM must stop.

Reston is a Planned Residential Community. You can read the short version of what that means a bit.ly/PRC-Districts.

We request that NWM consider a tax efficient strategy which will preserve the golf course as open space involving the donation of the land to the Reston Association or a conservation group, or the creation of a perpetual conservation easement. Andrea Reese, Sr. Land Conservation Specialist at the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust stands ready to explore this option with you. She can be reached at 703-354-5093.

I close with our letter of May 16, 2017 to Mark Anstine, ARA Newmark:

Dear Mr. Anstine,

Rescue Reston is the grass-roots organization comprising dedicated community volunteers who oppose redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course into residential housing or any site development other than the currently approved golf course and recreational open space use. We are committing to defending this golf course/recreational open space and have proven ourselves over the past 5 years. Our supporters defend with their time and their money.

We strongly advise you to share the attached communication with all parties who request information regarding the property you have listed as “Reston National” in Reston, Virginia.

Reston is not your normal community and all those bidding for speculation on future development potential should be fully aware of the property’s approved zoning uses and land use limitations. They are buying a golf course or other open space. Period.

Yours respectfully,

Connie Hartke, President

Rescue Reston