Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Top Priority

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Top Priority

I am a skateboarder from Arlington and learned of a plan to rebuild Powhatan Springs Skate Park. I think this is a great idea and the County Board should approve it.

Powhatan gets a lot of use, not only from skateboards but from people on bikes, roller blades, and scooters. An improved skate park would get kids to spend more time outside and less time on their phones or doing thing they should not be doing. You always see families having fun together at Powhatan.

With a new and improved skate park, even more kids will use the park and stay away from private-property. When they hear about the repairs and new obstacles they cannot find anywhere else, they will head there in a heartbeat.

The county has a lot of projects to consider, but rebuilding Powhatan should be one of the top priorities.

Jackson Hicks