Opinion: Letter to the Editor: In Search of A Problem?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: In Search of A Problem?

One of the major issues currently being discussed is the remake of Seminary Road. Unfortunately, this issue affects not only the citizens residing on Seminary Road, but it is a life and death issue that affects all of us in the area.

The reduction of Seminary Road vehicle lanes in order for bikes to have dedicated bike lanes is foolhardy, regardless of whether it is for the entire stretch of this road, or only portions thereof. The life or death rationale is that there is a major hospital located on Seminary Road, and there should be a clear unimpeded access from all of this road, not just portions of it. Moreover, this looks to be a bike lane solution in search of a problem, similar to that found on upper King Street. (I seldom see a bicycle there.)

For years, I have endeavored to stay focused on how the City Council conducts itself especially regarding their process in adjudicating issues within the city. I have been a staunch critic of some of their decisions. However in this case, I would hope that the council would do the right thing, and disapprove any major changes to Seminary Road.

Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet