Dining: Outstanding Barbecue in Falls Church

Dining: Outstanding Barbecue in Falls Church

Restaurant Review: Liberty Barbecue in Falls Church.

Among the most compelling kitchen and cooking aromas around, those of woody fires and grilling meats are perhaps the most captivating. These inspire foodies to want barbecue, and lots of it. Perhaps for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and a midnight snack as well.

To satisfy the barbecue cravings, Liberty Barbecue in Falls Church takes the cake, so to speak. Perhaps the restaurant’s aromas are not all woody and meaty, but the menu delivers on outstanding barbecue, from barbecued oysters as appetizers to beef brisket, pulled pork, turkey breast, pork spareribs and baby back ribs. Oh, and patrons can double down on the yummy smoked meats with a half-pound sausage link.

The interior — and yes, there is outdoor seating — has lots of wood, underscoring the outdoorsy appeal of barbecue. A long bar takes up one part of the area, but there are plenty of tables for all the hungry patrons.

Once seated and scanning the menu, one’s best bet is to hope you are with friends, because even among the appetizers, each one is super tempting. Two top picks are the deviled eggs topped with a pinch or two of chopped candied bacon; then the hush puppies, so very Southern, are formulated with cheddar cheese, garlic, and jalapeños. If plenty of people are at your table, do try thy nacho platter with your choice of add-on meats—pulled pork, pulled chicken, and beef brisket. The nachos are fancied up with queso, barbecued beans, and jalapeños.

When it comes to entrées, patrons have the choice of smoked meats sold separately or heaped onto platters. These include your choice of 2, 3, or 4 smoked meats and sides. Patrons can also go with pickle-brined whole or half a fried chicken with a baked biscuit and honey.

But if you have already overdosed on appetizers, head to the sandwich selections, all served on either a potato bun, or for a little extra money, a gluten-free bun. Sandwiches include a smoked brisket; fried chicken; pulled pork or pulled chicken; a Liberty burger with an add-on of bacon; a curiously named Thanksgiving sandwich with turkey, of course; and a vegetarian option of a Mushroom Melt. There are plenty of sides to accompany whichever choice, and the barbecued Navy beans with burnt ends are over the top.

Plan to save room for dessert, for two of the choices are worth every calorie: the Texas sheet cake and the butterscotch banana pudding. Also on the menu: pie, a warm brownie sundae, and soft-serve ice cream.

Also, the restaurant features an all-you-can-eat weekend brunch buffet, with special cocktails, sides, and desserts. The restaurant hosts frequent special events. It is also affiliated with The Liberty Tavern, Northside Social, and Lyon Hall restaurants.

Liberty Barbecue, 370 West Broad St., Falls Church. Phone: 703-237-8227. Kitchen hours: Mon.-Fri., 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.