Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce Builds Community

Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce Builds Community

Welcome to your new home in this community. Since 1954, Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce has championed local businesses and worked to build and strengthen the community. We welcome you and hope that you will use local businesses.

The local business community consists of small retailers, family-owned and operated service providers, and large national chains. A directory of businesses connected to the community is found on the Chamber website

Representing local businesses, the Chamber’s Board of Directors has as its priorities encouraging economic growth, advocating for business needs, and helping businesses develop trusting relationships and increased visibility.

From I-95 and east, Fairfax County has seen significant economic growth in the past twenty years. Some development resulted from the growth at Fort Belvoir, which is now the largest employer in Fairfax County.

Other growth will come from zoning changes now in place including the Embark Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Opportunity Zones, Richmond Highway widening, a new Bus Rapid Transit System, and the Economic Incentive Program for tax abatement on new development. Projects in the development pipeline may also be found on the Chamber website

The Chamber has worked with elected officials and community stakeholders to help mold these initiatives in a way that will benefit the community while preserving neighborhoods and businesses.

As legislative issues rise, the Chamber carefully considers the impact and reaches out to our elected officials to communicate the needs and concerns of local businesses. Sharing important information on resources and new guidelines during Covid has been a Chamber priority. These resources may be found at

The many Chamber member programs have at their core the objective of helping business owners and leaders get to know each other, develop trusting relationships, do business with each other, and work together to build the community.

This community is a place rich in history and natural beauty with close proximity to our nation’s capital and national defense installations. It is a place where you can live, work, play, worship and feel a sense of community.

Everything you need can be found here including unique retail, award-winning dining, and top local businesses ready to provide professional services. Enjoy what is here and then give back to the community by supporting local businesses.