Waiting for snow on christmas

Waiting for snow on christmas


Waiting for snow on christmas

Abhinav Anish Chandran

I’m waiting and waiting.

Waiting for the snow

that just has to fall on christmas.

I wait for the ground to turn white like a sheet of paper,

and wait for the blizzard that will turn the grass and the trees white.

I also wait for the intricate snowflakes,

each one having it’s own unique shape.

I’ll stare out the window all day if I have to.

I refuse to open my presents.

I refuse to eat anything.




I look up at the sky hoping that there is a chance,

ANY chance there will be snow.

Then I see it.

A snowflake!

After a few minutes more and more come down 

and it starts really snowing.

Finally for once on Christmas, 

it actually snows.