Aldrin Elementary School pictures and more!

Aldrin Elementary School pictures and more!

Aiden Hansen, kindegarten


Ammar Ahmad


The Holiday Season

Anna Callender

The holiday season.

It's finally here.

It smells like a feast.

All the family’s near.

They might have come

From far away.

But for a few days,

They're here to stay

They talk for hours.

With no hesitation.

Everyone brings something

To make conversation.

The table

Filled with food.

It puts everyone

In a good mood.

You can feel the breeze.

As you step outside.

Go get your hat.

So you can go to the slide.

The family's voices.

Memories you hear.

Bring so much fun.

Can't wait for next year!


Celebrating the Holidays 

Arin Nandurdikar     

The holidays are here.

All over the world

different countries are celebrating.

And in many diverse ways people celebrate.

And I will celebrate in my family's way.

My family is waiting to feast.

My grandma is setting up the table.

The thick bratwurst baking in the oven

Smells delicious and makes everyone hungry.


Throughout the house people are

running to the kitchen.

The stomping of feet

against the floor

is making the dogs

bark in excitement and

the glasses are rattling.

Before we eat,

each of my cousins

will be holding my hands.

Prayers of gratitude

and appreciation

are being said

around the dining table.

My cousins and I will be playing games

and ripping open gifts after dinner.

The wrapping paper is like

confetti  flying everywhere.

And smiles will make everyone happy.

We will be celebrating

in our own diverse ways

which makes it feel

more special.


Winter to Spring

Ashmith Meka

The cool winter breeze

Crashing into my face, 

And The snow crunching

Under my feet,

Felt good.

Kids outside are playing,

Leaves are falling

Its winter,

It's time to enjoy it.

Snowman’s everywhere,

Snow balls flying through the air,

Crashing everywhere...

Hitting each other.

The breeze crashing

On my face

Is starting to

Turn warm.

Now Spring is coming

The leaves are 

Starting to grow.

The snow is starting

To drip away…

Here comes spring.


The Best Christmas Present Ever

Daniel Bertrand

The best Christmas present

that I could ever think of

or have isn’t a bicycle.

It isn’t a toy.

It isn’t any kind

of game either,

It isn’t some sort

of equipment,

It isn’t an actual

solid thing.

Some people aren’t able

to have it

and enjoy it.

And some people take it

for granted.

Some people may not even

like it somehow.

But all and all,

the best Christmas present

is spending time

with family and friends

during the holidays.


Christmas Parade

Ella Shelley

I sit shivering on the curb,

Warming my chilly hands,

Rubbing them together,

It feels slightly better.

I hear the beat of drums

And feel my excitement grow.

“The parade is starting!”

I whisper to my sister.

First comes the marching band,

Wearing furry hats.

Then come the girl scouts,

Flinging candy left and right.

After that there’s the dancers,

Whirling on their toes.

A cool Chinese dragon

Weaving through the streets.

Act after act

Spreading joy and laughter.

When the dancing suddenly slows

And the band changes the tune

It’s the highlight of the show!

Santa Claus, in his big red sleigh

Waving very merrily.

Suddenly someone gasps,

And points up at the sky.


It’s snowing!

Everyone explodes with cheers

And I grin,

Knowing it will be a very special Christmas.



Geeth Dewangan



                                                    A tightly 

                                       wrapped Christmas tree 

                   sways back and forth from the whistling wind.

                                                   Beneath it, 

                                         stood three little grins. 

                                   They had all picked a present, 

                                   Clueless to their withholdings. 


                        Christmas had brought them great fortune. 

                   A bike, Mike and Ikes, and a dreamlike dollhouse.

          Unbeknownst to them, the toys represent something much         


                                   Transportation, food, and shelter.

            While admiring his new bike, the little boy spots his sister

                                            staring intently at the                                             

                                             intricate dollhouse. 

                                                      He shares

                                                       his bike 

                                                      with her,

while asking the other sister to

do the same with the house.

They all share the presents with joy.

They are seeing the delight of family. 

Perplexing, what a simple old tree can do.




           By Henry johns

                           Clocks tick every 

                                 second of 

                                 every minute

                                  of every day. 

     Clocks get you to school or work    

                            on time in 

                     your everyday life. 

          Every day in school I like to wait 

               till lunch,recess and specials.

                   I look at the clock all day.