Arlington Celebrates its Heritage

Arlington Celebrates its Heritage

Gulf Branch Fall Festival took a walk back into local history on Saturday, Oct. 15 at Gulf Branch Nature Center and Park in Arlington. Gulf Branch was established in 1966 and the first facility in Arlington dedicated to the study and conservation of nature. 

Andrew Acosta music set the atmosphere with old time tunes as families wandered between the butter making table, the apple cider mashing machine, the cauldron bubbling with hot wax for candle making, and the table piled high with corn husks for making dolls.

Two brothers find it takes concentration to write their names with a quill pen at the Gulf Branch Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Churning a pint of heavy whipping cream into butter. “It takes less than 5 minutes. Then you can add salt or honey or herbs to make it what you want.”

Mashing the large slice of apple just added to the cider press.  Two young boys stop counting at 25 times around in a circle until their cider is finished and ready to drink.

Mid-afternoon a log collapsed into the 4-room historic Robert Walker Log Cabin fireplace, and the old fireplace couldn’t accommodate the amount of smoke. A small fire temporarily cleared out the house.

Learning the six steps to finger knitting that can produce a bracelet, a belt or a pair or suspenders.

Animal pelts are on display with handmade soap, several axes, and different coinage at a simulated trading post inside Walker Log Cabin.