Low Cost Pet Clinics

Low Cost Pet Clinics

Dates: Feb. 19, April 23, May 28, Sept. 10, Oct. 22, Dec. 3

  • All clinics are held 9 a.m. - 12 p.m..

  • Services are first come, first served. The clinic is limited to the first 150 pets in line. We recommend arriving early; the line will be cut off after 150 pets.

  • There is NO pre-registration or appointment required - all paperwork will be completed at each clinic.

  • Cash only - no check or credit card - and payment is due at the time of service, $20 for each service; Rabies Vaccination: $20; Distemper Vaccination: $20; Microchip: $20

  • Dogs and cats may be vaccinated at the clinics.

  • Dogs must be on fixed (not flexi/extendable) leashes; cats must be in carriers.

  • Dog licenses may be purchased onsite in the Animal Shelter.

  • In order to receive a 3-year rabies vaccination and/or 1- or 3-year distemper vaccination, proof of prior vaccinations are required and paper or electronic copies must be presented at the clinic. No prior medical records are needed for microchips, 1-year rabies vaccinations, or initial 28-day distemper vaccinations.

  • Pets will be vaccinated in a secure room at the clinic location. Pets will remain with owners in line. Once a pet has been checked in, a staff member will bring the pet to be vaccinated and/or microchipped and will return the pet to the owner once the vaccines and/or microchip has been administered