Greenspring Residents Support Student Employees’ Educational Goals

Greenspring Residents Support Student Employees’ Educational Goals

Spring has sprung—and so have the pathways to college for a number of local high school students, thanks to the Student Scholar Awards at Greenspring, an Erickson Senior Living community in Springfield, Virginia. 

Dedicated high school student workers are being recognized and set up for success through these four-year scholarships, funded by generous donations from community residents.  At the Student Scholars’ Award Ceremony on May 11, 31 student workers were granted scholarships through the Student Scholars’ Fund at Greenspring, which awarded a total of $310,000 in scholarships.

The Greenspring Scholars’ Fund was established in 2003 by Greenspring residents and provides recipients with $10,000 to help offset academic tuition expenses, paid directly to the trade school or college over four years.

Of primary importance to the Greenspring community is the ability to award all eligible students who apply with a scholarship. Eligibility for the Class of 2023 requires at least 1,000 working hours during the student’s junior and senior years of high school. They must achieve satisfactory grades (2.75 or higher) and maintain a disciplinary record free of adverse actions during their employment.

“Over the last 16 years, Greenspring residents have donated over 6 million dollars towards education.  It is an honor to be part of a community that inspires high school students to follow their dreams and then puts it into action with scholarships,” said Director of Philanthropy Kimberly Nelson.

“Another delightful and highly meaningful charitable function here at wonderful Greenspring! Dozens of smiling faces, particularly on the part of green-clad scholars, their parents, and friends,” said resident Charlie C. Watkins.

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Greenspring Scholars 2023


  • Sahar Afzali, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Paula Alvarez, Lake Braddock High School

  • Robel Bruk, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Fatima Bukhari, South County High School

  • Taimoor Chaudhry, South County High School

  • Pinkey Chen, Lake Braddock High School

  • Kelsey Cruz-Lovo, John R. Lewis High School

  • Naomi Debebe, John R. Lewis High School

  • Tinsaie Demissie, South County High School

  • Sidney Essandoh, Lake Braddock High School

  • Lynn El Hassan, Lake Braddock High School

  • Ahlam Hedia, Mt. Vernon High School

  • Jade Hernandez, Forest Park High School

  • Huriya Ibrahim, Lake Braddock High School

  • Hannah Khan, Thomas Edison High School

  • Kinza Khemiri, John R. Lewis High School

  • Nicholas Ly, South County High School

  • Blen Mathewos, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Blein Menberu, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Jerusalem Mulugeta, John R. Lewis High School

  • Meelad Nushin, John R. Lewis High School

  • Eyad Osman, South County High School

  • Mia Oyarce-Chavez, John R. Lewis High School

  • Michael Phicadu, Lake Braddock High School

  • Emely Portillo, John R. Lewis High School

  • Sheimae Said, John R. Lewis High School

  • Noel Solomon, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Betty Tewolde, West Springfield High School

  • Mir Waez, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Hewan “Lucy” Wondwosen, Hayfield Secondary School

  • Caleb Zerihun, Hayfield Secondary School