Preschool Mail Carriers Deliver Valentines

Preschool Mail Carriers Deliver Valentines

FCPS teacher broadens students' learning and social skills through play.

Teacher Ashley Quail reaches out for her Valentine delivered by preschool postal carrier Sachin Maitra.

Teacher Ashley Quail reaches out for her Valentine delivered by preschool postal carrier Sachin Maitra.

On Monday, Feb. 12, Meagan Bahamonde, “Miss Meaghan,” a Fairfax County Public Schools preschool teacher at Forestville Elementary in Great Falls, told her seven students they would deliver Valentine's Day cards and packages to other teachers in the school throughout the week. 

"We have to check our mailbox; I think it’s full," Miss Meaghan said. She explained that two students would have the chance each day, and everyone would have a turn. Miss Meaghan emphasized the importance of giving, respecting, and looking at the teacher when they delivered the valentines.

The children didn't realize that playing postal carrier would teach essential skills for their preschool development. Matching the posted classroom number to the addressed valentine required early math skills. Greeting teachers and explaining their purpose supported verbal skills. Handling valentines requires fine motor skills to grip and distribute them. Service to others boosted self-esteem.

Preschooler Sachin Maitra of Forestville Elementary School adjusts his mail carrier hat as classroom teacher MeaganBahamonde, Fairfax County Public Schools, prepares to give him a high five. Saad Lawal gives a thumbs up, signaling he is ready to be a mail carrier.


Miss Meaghan welcomed the children to circle time and discussed mail and community assistance. In a book about postal carriers, she read that they deliver in rain and snow, follow a route, and often visit the same homes daily. The children shared their mail carrier experiences. One child interjected that her mother lifted her to reach their mailbox. Another child read a page out loud.
Miss Meaghan had transformed the classroom play space into a post office. Students could practice writing on editable valentines, mailing them, and dressing up in the blue mail carrier hat, jacket and crossover postal carrier bag for creative play.

Before school ended on Monday, Miss Meaghen announced that Sachin Maitra and Saad Lawal would be the first to deliver the teacher valentines. The two assistant teachers would stay in the classroom and help the other children make Valentine's Day art for their parents. 

Saad put on the postal carrier jacket and Sachin the carrier bag and hat, which kept slipping over his eyes. The young mail carriers set out with their teacher to match the classroom numbers on the valentines to the classroom door numbers. What are we going to say?” prompted Miss Meaghan. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Sachen said.