Primary 2002: Michael L. Subin

Primary 2002: Michael L. Subin

County Council at Large

August 27, 2002

Michael L. Subin

<lst>Age: 53

Family:  Wife, Cathleen; Son, Mike; Daughters, Allison and Jessica

Campaign phone:  301/424-6585


Web site:

Office held: Incumbent, elected to Montgomery County Council at Large in 1986. Montgomery College Board of Trustees, 1983-1986

Occupation:  Attorney; Adjunct Professor of Law

Current employment:  Law Offices of Stanton J. Gildenhorn; Washington College of Law; Montgomery County

Education: BA, George Washington University, 1971; MPA, George Washington University, 1977; MA, George Washington University, 1979; Juris Doctor, Washington College of Law, American University, 1998.

Community ties:  Lourie Center for Children; Board of Advisors, Maryland Shock Trauma Center; Jewish Community Center; Jewish Social Services; Chair, Advisory Committee, Misler Day Care Center; various others.

Endorsements: Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 35; International Association of Fire Fighter, Local 1664; Montgomery County Education Association;  Montgomery County Council of Supporting Service Workers; AFL-CIO; Congressman Al Wynn; County Executive Doug Duncan; Councilmember Ike Leggett; CAPAD; New Democrats

* Why are you running for this position?

* To continue my agenda of service to this County, especially in the area of education.

* What is your top public-service accomplishment?

* Maintaining the viability of the education budget.

What are the top five problems facing your constituents and what approaches will you use to solve them?

In no particular order:

Transportation:  I support County Executive Duncan's entire "Go Montgomery!" program.

Education:  Continue to work closely with Dr. Weast to provide all our children with greater challenges and services.

Public Security:  Provide the best equipment for our Fire Fighters and Police and integrate transportation, public health and environmental protection into our public safety plans.

Children's Mental Health:  Place more psychologists in the school system to identify those children with needs and have the private sector provide intervention services.

Literacy: Ensure that those children and adults in the County who have not reach literacy levels are provided the services to do so.

What qualities, qualifications and characteristics will you bring to this office?

My educational background; my extensive governmental experience; passion, drive and unbounded energy.

How will voters best distinguish between you and your opponents?

I will tell them what is or is not possible; I will no deceive them; I offer action, not words or demogoguery.

What is one thing you promise not to do if elected?

Spin the electorate.

What do you predict for the short-term (two-year) outlook of the Montgomery County budget and what adjustments will you propose to prepare for your prediction? Where can the county afford to trim the budget?

The near-term fiscal situation is not good.  We will have to make all governmental services more efficient.  Our continued effort to analyze the budget is helping us determine what areas can be trimmed.

Do you support the recently reviewed Potomac Master Plan? Specific elements that might need revision?

No.  The transportation and affordable housing elements are inadequate.

How would you characterize transportation issues in Montgomery County and

what specific actions would you support as a result? Please address your position on: Smart Growth; Metro Purple Line; ICC; Regional Transportation Authority; recently passed County Council plan calling for more than $4 billion in state funding over the next 10 years; raising the gas tax and other possible means of paying for transportation infrastructure.

Transportation can be characterized as in a state of near gridlock.  I support the County Executive's "Go Montgomery!" Program which calls for a Purple Line, the ICC, a Regional Transportation Authority and significant state and local funding over the next ten years.  We will have to look to

alternative methods to fund the Program and pay for the infrastructure.  I believe that Smart Growth is a great concept, but is very difficult to implement from a political standpoint.

What is your position on a Techway and new bridge across the Potomac River in Montgomery County? Do you favor a new study?

I do not favor a study-the issues are simple.  Point of Rocks should be the new/expanded bridge to take care of all the development north of Montgomery County.

How would you characterize and prioritize the preservation of open space in Montgomery County? What actions would you take?

Open space simply needs to be maintained as it has currently been designated, including the agricultural preserve and an expansion of the Legacy Open Space program.

Is the current rate and mix of county fees and taxes appropriate and equitable? What would you do differently?

It is equitable, although some fees and taxes may have to be raised to pay for targeted services in those areas.

Schools in Potomac and the rest of the county are overcrowded with renovation, additions and new schools behind schedule. What is the state's role in solving this and what do you propose? How would you balance the Need for funding for school construction and transportation infrastructure?

The state has to assume a greater responsibility for providing more fiscal assistance to the County.  We need to continue our fight in Annapolis to increase the school construction pot of money.  We have taken significant monies from transportation over the last decade to fund school construction. We now have to identify specific sources of funds to provide the balance that you are talking about, including targeted fees.

Does the special exception process in the county work as it should? Changes you would propose?

It works as the Council has proposed it to work.  If changes need to be made, then the Council has to pass the requisite legislation and zoning text amendments to fix those areas that it feels have been problematic.