Wakefield's One Act Garners Awards

This year's one-act play for competition by Wakefield High School was "The Lady In Question" by Charles Busch. The play was an all-out comedy concerning famed concert pianist, Gertrude Garnet who is on a world-tour. The setting is 1940's Bavaria, and a world renowned actress Raina Aldric has been captured and Gertrude is enlisted to assist in her escape. This particular production was rehearsed primarily during class and taken to competition at the Virginia Theater Association held in Richmond in November. Amanda Eckerson was awarded Best Actress and Nabanjan Maitra was awarded Best Actor. Sira Piza Airas and Charles Perry were both named to the all star cast. The production also went on to compete at the Virginia High School League and placed second at the National District level. Amanda Eckerson was awarded Best Actress.

Nabanjan Maitra, Sira Piza Airas, and Charles Perry were recognized for their acting as well. At the Northern Region level at VHSL, Amanda Eckerson was selected as Best Actress and the group was ranked 5th place.