CAPPIES REVIEW: Wakefield’s ‘Forum’ Hilarious

CAPPIES REVIEW: Wakefield’s ‘Forum’ Hilarious

>"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" is a hilarious comedy written by Stephen Sondheim, that tells the story of the love sick Hero and his wishes to be with untouchable Philia, a courtesan from the house of Marcus Lycus, who has already been sold to the magnificent Miles Gloriosus. In order to accomplish this, he takes on the help of his witty servant Pseudolus, and promises him his freedom.

Through 15 glorious songs, the tale unfolds and is quickly turned upside down by events such as Hero's father, Senex, falling for Philia, Miles Gloriosus arriving for his bride, and the frantic Hysterium trying to persuade himself that he is calm.

The whole cast did a magnificent job portraying the characters and adding little niches to each part. Adam Lester was extremely comical as he played the old and woman driven Senex, by crossing his eyes and making his facial expressions hilarious.

Amanda Eckerson, playing the hysterical Hysterium, did an outstanding

performance as she frantically ran around the stage. Her performance of "I'm Calm" was absolutely terrific as she changed from raving about her situation, to being "Calm".

The Proteans were an excellent ensemble as they quickly changed their clothes and their parts from terrified slaves to the persistent soldiers of Miles Gloriosus.

Nabanjan Maitra did a superior performance as Pseudolus, the witty and charming servant of Hero. Maitra was extremely calm and natural on the stage. His great facial expression and projection made every word audible and even more hilarious. His performance was outstanding as he played Rome's number one Scam Artist.

All of the cast, including the orchestra was dressed in togas, which gave the audience the feel that they were in ancient Rome. The courtesans were decorated in sparkling outfits, which helped portray each one’s individual character.

This tale will leave you feeling mushy inside and yet your sides will be splitting. Overall, the performance was enjoyable and fun.