What do you like most about living in Reston?

"I like the swimming pools."

— Vanessa Vila, Reston, student

"I like all the tennis courts and the swimming pools."

— Dui Nathanson, Reston

"I like the bars and the diversity."

— Drew McLaughlin-Williams, Reston, lifeguard

"The area is beautiful and people are very friendly."

— Nannette Lipinski, Reston, student

"It’s close to just about anything, particularly the airport."

— Amy Emdadi, Reston

"I like the sense of community here."

— Lara Steward, Reston, occupational therapist

"Everything is well-kept and green, and is also clean."

— Cristina Viray, Reston, student

"I like that all my friends are here, and summer league basketball."

— Eddie Rodriguez, Reston, student

"I like that you can skateboard at a lot of places."

— Chris Wren, Reston