T.C. Students Are Awarded Scholarships

T.C. Students Are Awarded Scholarships

The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria awarded 203 scholarships totaling $207,300 at its 16th annual awards celebration on June 4.

“In 1986, the Scholarship Fund awarded 10 scholarships,” said Mayor Kerry J. Donley. “Just 16 years later, we are here to provide 200 T.C. Williams seniors with scholarships to attend some type of postsecondary education or training. Many thanks to the Scholarship Fund and to the members of the community who support them.”

In addition to recognizing the scholarship recipients, Corinne Winburn, chairman of the Scholarship Fund’s Board of Trustees, announced a bequest of $100,000 from Ilsa Wheeler, who died this year. She had asked that her husband, Philip Wheeler, donate the money to the Scholarship Fund.

Wheeler presented the Philip and Ilsa Wheeler Scholarship to Andre McGuinness.

Wheeler began the Learn for Living Foundation after his retirement. This was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to teach people how to be responsible, loving parents and teach youth how to lead responsible lives. He is concerned with child abuse, unwanted children and children who slip through the education cracks — who encounter only fear, failure and frustration. The Wheelers have been Scholarship Fund contributors since 1999.