People Notes

Polly Grose, newly elected president of The Woman’s Club of McLean, has announced the following chairmen for 2002-03:

Standing Committees: American Heritage and Preservation - Mary Lou Nelson and Marge Lubeley; Budget and Finance - Barbara Farmer and Rosemarie Lazo; Conservation - Grace Harkins; Creative Arts - Betty Holmes and Lois Plouffe; Education - Ann Hoolahan and Elizabeth Barnett; Health and Home Life- Kay Burnell and Susan Swedo; Hospitality - Charlene Munch, Jane Lion and Diana Skapars; International Affairs - Peggy Puritano and Audrey McGrane; Legislation and Public Affairs - Barbara Toohig and Marie York; Literature and Drama - Rita Price and Polly McCraney; Membership - Nancy Weekley and Rita Christopher; Public Relations - Joan Morton; Safety - Catharine Stroemer; Visual Arts - Pat Smith and Gail Winkler; Ways and Means - Joan Morton, Rosemarie Lazo and Ginny Sandahl. Special Committees: Church Liaison - Edith Wilson; Claude Moore Farm - Jane Miller; Great Decisions - Barbara Toohig; Newsletter - Diana Grocott and Iris Riemann; Property - Edith Wilson; Scrapbook and History - Daisy Logan; Sunshine - Shirley Lambourne and Frances Funari; Telephone - Lee Holmberg; Chorale - Iris Reimann; Yearbook - Daisy Logan.