<lst>The following births were reported by area hospitals.

<cal1>MAY 30

<cal2>Trevor Bartholomew to Debbie and Bart Barbessi of Fairfax.

<cal1>JUNE 4

<cal2>Sierra Jacquelyn Quast to Laura L. and Jason R. Quast of Fairfax.

<cal1>JUNE 9

<cal2>Isabella Diana Sursi to Stephanie D. and Peter J. Sursi of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 2

<cal2>Shaw-Leon Chen is the son of Nancy P. Xiang and Siqi Chen of Fairfax.

Scott Joseph Moortgat is the son of Tracy A. and Jean-Jacques Moortgat of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 3

<cal2>David Charles Simonds is the son of Zelma Claderón-Torres and Edward C. Simonds of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 5

<cal2>Ethan Thomas McCann is the son of Holly and Thomas McCann of Burke.

<cal1>JULY 6

<cal2>Mary Genevieve is the daughter of Julia and Stephen Hauser III of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 11

<cal2>Evan Garrett Anderson is the son of Gail M. Pryor and Gary T. Anderson of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 15

<cal2>Maggie Lee is the daughter of Sharon and Sean McBride of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 19

<cal2>Emma Colleen is the daughter of Colleen and John Spinelli of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 26

<cal2>Emerson Evelyn is the daughter of Lisa and Darren Stelle of Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 29

<cal2>Cassidy Annette is the daughter of Laurey and Brian Armstrong if Fairfax.

<cal1>JULY 30

<cal2>Lacey Terry is the daughter of Shelly Jackson-Adams and Robert Adams of Fairfax.

<cal1>AUG. 2

<cal2>Emily Ida is the daughter of Stacey and Jeffrey Huse of Fairfax.

<cal1>AUG. 18

<cal2>Samuel Harrison is the son of Sefani Roth and Stan Snyder of Fairfax.

<cal1>AUG. 19

<cal2>Rebecca Denali is the daughter of Christina and Christopher McDonald of Fairfax.

<cal1>AUG. 21

<cal2> Shaun William is the son of Jennifer and Bryan Raughley of Fairfax.