Tech Workshops To Expand

For the past three years, Signature Theatre has held technical workshops at Wakefield High School for students who take classes in technical theater. The idea was that of Signature's technical director Eric Grims and education director Marcia Gardner. Professionals in each area of expertise visit the classroom and share their knowledge with students.

This year, Signature will be expanding their workshops to all of the Arlington County high schools. The workshops will be headed by Eric Grims and Jennifer Miller from Signature and held at their own theater. Students will participate in an introductory workshop, a more intensified workshop followed by a final hands-on experience working on an actual Signature production. Students will be selected by their teachers to participate in the program. Areas of concentration in the first set of workshops will focus on carpentry, lighting and electrics, and costuming. Workshops begin in October and continue until November. The students will have the experience of working on the production of Norman Allen's "The Christmas Carol Rag."