Almanac Endorsement: Shriver for Congress

Almanac Endorsement: Shriver for Congress

Mark Shriver has spent his adult life defending the rights and needs of people who have little influence of their own. The values he has espoused in public life are the values of the Montgomery County district he would represent.

Despite being a wealthy district, we know a tax cut that benefits the wealthiest one percent of America at the expense of programs for children, prescription drugs for the elderly, and mental health systems, is wrong. Shriver is right when he says, “The future of our children is taking a back seat to a Republican agenda that favors corporate greed.”

Each of the Democratic candidates for Congress articulates the view that the Bush administration is taking the country and our county in the wrong direction. Shriver will advocate for the environment, for gun control, for working families, for children.

Chris Van Hollen is a strong candidate who has impassioned supporters. Ira Shapiro’s campaign has indeed been, as he claims, an antidote to cynicism.

Mark Shriver brings intellect, energy and commitment to the issues critical to Montgomery County. He also brings the best chance of success in November.

On local issues, Shriver is a Potomac native, understands the importance of the environment to Potomac, and strongly opposes a new crossing over the Potomac River or techway study.

Shriver served Potomac well in the House of Delegates and will serve Montgomery County and the rest of Congressional District 8 well in the U.S. House of Representatives.