Arlington’s Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing

Arlington’s Goals and Targets for Affordable Housing

<i>County Board members unanimously approved the following targets at their Dec. 6 meeting.</i>

<b>GOAL 1:</b> Balance support for the elderly and persons with disabilities with a transitional safety net for families with children.

<b>Target 1A:</b> Provide assistance to priority households in the following proportions by FY2010:

* 65 percent to families with children

* 20 percent for the elderly, and

* 15 percent for persons with disabilities.

<b>Target 1B:</b> Provide permanent housing to at least 95 percent of homeless elders and families with children and for 65 percent of the sheltered homeless persons with disabilities by 2010.

<b>GOAL 2:</b> Ensure through all available means that all housing in Arlington County is safe and decent.

<b>Target 2A:</b> Ensure that 100 percent of multi-family rental housing units have no major violations that are not corrected within the standard time permitted by the appropriate code enforcement agency by 2010.

<b>Target 2B:</b> Reduce the rates of major violations in multi-family rental housing by 10percent each year.

<b>Target 2C:</b> Conduct annual common area inspections of all multi-family rental complexes over 20 years old.

<b>Target 2D:</b> Conduct annual full code inspections on 5percent of all multi-family rental units over 30 years old.

<b>GOAL 3:</b> Permit no net loss of committed affordable housing, and make every reasonable effort to maintain the supply of affordable market rate housing.

<b>Target 3A:</b> Replace all 73 committed affordable housing units expiring by FY2010.

<b>Target 3B:</b> Expand the County’s total housing supply by at least 13,000 units by FY2010.

<b>Target 3C:</b> Help maintain the supply of affordable housing by assisting an average of 400 net new committed affordable housing units per year, while meeting the targets for goals 4, 5, 6 and 7.

<b>Target 3D:</b> Encourage for-profit developers to provide at least 10 percent of all new units in residential site plan projects as affordable through the use of the flexible density bonus and housing contribution policy. If the density bonus is used, target 50 percent of the bonus units as affordable.

<b>GOAL 4:</b> Reduce the number of households in serious housing need (defined as those earning below 40 percent of median income who pay more than 40 percent of their income for rent).

<b>Target 4A:</b> Increase the number of households in need receiving rental assistance to 4,000 by 2010.

<b>Target 4B:</b> Provide that 25 percent of the new committed affordable rental housing units produced annually are reserved for households with incomes below 40percent of median, primarily through the use of rent assistance.

<b>GOAL 5:</b> Increase the number of housing units with two or more bedrooms in order to match the needs of households with children.

<b>Target 5A:</b> Increase the number of family-sized units in the County to 61,000 by FY 2010.

<b>Target 5B:</b> Provide that half of the rental committed affordable housing units added between FY2000 and FY2010 are family-sized, of which 25percent would be greater-than-two-bedroom units

<b>GOAL 6:</b> Distribute committed affordable housing within the County, neighborhoods, and projects.

<b>Target 6A:</b> Distribute new non-elderly, rental committed affordable housing units added between FY2001 and FY2010 in Neighborhood Service Areas. These targets are not to be construed as caps or quotas.

<b>Target 6B:</b> Provide that two-thirds of the new large non-elderly projects developed with affordable units between FY2001 and FY2010 would have less than half of their units serving households with incomes below 60percent of the area median income.

<b>GOAL 7:</b> Increase the rate of home ownership throughout the County, and increase home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income households.

<b>Target 7A:</b> Increase the home ownership rate from 45.8 percent to 50 percent throughout the County by 2010.

<b>Target 7B:</b> Provide home ownership education to 700 households with incomes below 80 percent of median annually and annually assist 50 households with incomes below 80 percent of median to become homeowners.

<b>Target 7C:</b> Increase the home ownership rate for minority households from 24.2 percent to 30 percent by 2010.

<b>GOAL 8:</b> Ensure, through all available means, that housing discrimination is eliminated.

<b>Target 8:</b> Reduce all indications of housing discrimination to zero by FY2010, as measured by annual fair housing testing.

<b>GOAL 9:</b> Provide housing services effectively and efficiently.

<b>Target 9A:</b> Annual Housing Report: By October 2003 December 2004, develop and release the County’s first easily accessible, comprehensive annual affordable housing report that will provide the public information on the County’s progress toward meeting its affordable housing goals and outcome measures targets on a fiscal year basis. Provide a report showing FY 2003 performance toward goals by June 2004.

<b>Target 9B:</b> On-line Apartment Guide: By the end of FY 2004, arrange for a searchable, computerized listing of rental units, available on-line and accessible at various locations throughout the County (e.g., libraries, recreation centers, etc.).

<b>Target 9C:</b> Organizational Integration: Integrate housing development activities with other housing efforts in one department by FY2003.