All 12 School Board Seats Up for Election

Election '03

Voters will choose all 12 members of the Fairfax County School Board on Nov. 4, 2003. The four-year terms for the Fairfax County School Board expire Dec. 31, 2003.

The board is made up of nine district representatives and three at-large members. With the announced retirements of Ernestine Heastie (Providence) and Robert Frye (At large); both Christian Braunlich (Lee) and Mychele Brickner (At large) seeking other political offices; and the late withdrawal from the race of Isis Castro (Mount Vernon), there will be five vacant seats.

The board is nonpartisan, so all the candidates run as independents, however, many seek endorsements from the two major political parties.

Below is a list of the candidates. Incumbents are indicated with an (*); Republican endorsed candidates have an (R); and Democratically endorsed candidates of a (D).

At Large (Countywide, choose three)

Stephen M. "Steve" Hunt (R)

6429 Colchester Road

Fairfax Station, Va. 22039

Web site: www.SteveHunt.us

E-mail: Hunt4fcsb@aol.com

E. J. "Nell" Hurley (R)

4502 Olley Lane

Fairfax, Va. 22032

Web site: www.NellHurley4SB.com

E-mail: Nell@NellHurley4SB.com

Ilryong Moon (D)

7617 Little River Turnpike, Suite 930

Annandale, Va. 22003

E-mail: Ilryongmoon@aol.com

Phone: 703-941-7395

Janet S. Oleszek (D)

10500 Indigo Lane

Fairfax, Va. 22032

E-mail: joleszek@erols.com

Phone: 703-323-1771

Lynn G. Terhar (D)

15113 Bernadette Court

Chantilly, Va. 20151

Web site: www.terharforschoolboard.com

E-mail: lynn@terharforschoolboard.com

Phone: 703-631-2238

Rita S. Thompson* (R)

7104 Freshaire Drive

Springfield, Va. 22153

Web site: www.RitaThompson.com

E-mail: RitaThompson1@hotmail.com

Braddock District

Judith T. "Tessie" Wilson* (R)

10424 Woodbury Woods Court

Fairfax, Va. 22032

E-mail: schoolvote@aol.com

Dranesville District

Jane K. "Janie" Strauss* (D)

1316 Rockland Terrace

McLean, Va. 22101

E-mail: jkstrauss@aol.com

Phone: 703-821-0871

Fax: 703-847-6485

Hunter Mill District

Stuart D. Gibson* (D)

As a federal employee, Gibson can not seek a party endorsement, however, the Fairfax County Democratic Committee has endorsed him anyway.

11339 Orchard Lane

Reston, Va. 20190

Phone: 703-481-5953

Web site: www.legislators.com/gibson

E-mail: sg4sb@aol.com

Arthur G. Purves

P.O. Box 306

Vienna, Va. 22183-0306

Phone: 703-281-0176

E-mail: votepurves@cox.net

Lee District

Brad Center (D)

7412 Renee St.

Alexandria, Va. 22315

Web site: www.bradcenter.com

E-mail: fourcenters@cox.net

Phone: 703-922-0450

T. P. "Terrie" Dacales (R)

5912 Ewing Place

Alexandria, Va. 22310-2080

E-mail: TerrieDac@juno.com

Mason District

Douglas J. Barylski (R)

6334 Beryl Road

Alexandria, Va. 22312

E-mail: DBarylski@juno.com

L. Kaye Kory* (D)

6505 Waterway Drive

Falls Church, Va. 22044

Phone: 703-246-4785

Mount Vernon District

Marsha E. Paul (R)

8906 Captains Row

Alexandria, Va. 22308

E-mail: Marleo@kreative.net

Phone: 703-360-0209

Daniel G. "Dan" Storck

8512 Stable Drive

Alexandria, Va. 22308

E-mail: dstork@verizon.net

Phone: 703-799-4639

Providence District

Phil A. Niedzielski-Eichner (D)

10403 Adel Road

Oakton, Va. 22124

E-mail: pnegdi@erols.com

Phone: 703-278-9642

Springfield District

Cathy A. Belter* (D)

8616 Etta Drive

Springfield, Va. 22152

Phone: 703-451-3358

Fax: 703-451-8441

Scott M. Martin (R)

8104 Crestridge Road

Fairfax Station, Va. 22039

Web site: www.SMartin.org

E-mail: DrMartinFCSB@hotmail.com

Sully District

Carl P. Cecil (R)

4616 Sutton Oaks Drive

Chantilly, Va. 20151

Web site: www.CarlCecilForSullySchools.org

E-mail: Carl.Cecil@CarlCecilForSullySchools.org

Kathy L. Smith* (D)

4639 Star Flower Drive

Chantilly, Va. 20151

E-mail: KathySmith@KathySmith.org

Phone: 703-246-3062