Reiley Heads National Women's Caucus

Reiley Heads National Women's Caucus

The Democratic National Committee has selected Alexandrian Mame Reiley to be the chair of its women’s caucus.

"Mame Reiley has a decades-long history of fighting for Democratic causes and I am proud to have her as the new Chair of the Women’s Caucus,” said DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe. “The issues addressed by the Women’s Caucus are critical for the future success of the Democratic Party and Mame Reiley will add this passion to her efforts while leading a very important Democratic caucus.”

Reiley grew up in Alexandria where she attended St. Mary’s Academy. She began her political career with the Young Democrats, volunteering for Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. She has also worked as an activist for many social justice movements, including civil rights, rights for migrant farm workers, health care and voter registration initiatives. Reiley, a Democratic committeewoman, has served as a member of the DNC and the Women’s Caucus for eleven years.

“As I continued my involvement with social justice issues, I came to recognize the need for women to find our own voice,” said Reiley. “This led me, as a DNC member, to become active in the Women’s Caucus and the Women’s Leadership Forum. I firmly believe what Hillary Clinton once said, ‘when women vote, Democrats win. And when Democrats win, families win.’”

Reiley is well known to Alexandria Democrats. “Mame is the perfect choice to lead the Democratic Women’s Caucus,” said Susan Kellom, chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee. “She has an amazing knack for bringing diverse people together and getting them to work in harmony. Since there is no such thing as a “typical” Democratic woman, Mame will do well. Her selection speaks to the esteem in which she is held nationally. We are all very proud of this choice.”

IN ADDITION to her work with the DNC, Reiley served as U.S. Rep. James P. Moran’s (D-8) first chief of staff, coordinated Virginia Governor Mark Warner’s inaugural festivities and now directs Warner’s Political Action Committee, One Virginia. In that capacity, she has helped to raise more than $1 million for Democratic candidates throughout the state.

“I am very pleased with my election and look forward to working with Democratic women around the country,” Reiley said.