The Board of Supervisors is responsible for drawing up the county's annual budget, setting the real estate tax rate and overseeing public services. They also decide land use cases, setting levels of development, and handle constituent services.

There is no elected executive office in Fairfax County. Instead, Supervisors appoint a county executive. The current county executive is Anthony Griffin.

There are nine Supervisor districts in Fairfax County. Every four years, voters elect one Supervisor from each district. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors is the top elected official in the county, elected by all voters.


Board Chairman:

* Gerald Connolly, Democrat, currently serving as Providence District Supervisor.

web site: www.gerry2003.com

* Mychele Brickner, Republican, currently serving as an at-large member of the School Board.

web site: www.mbrickner.com

Braddock District:

* Sharon Bulova, Democrat (incumbent, unopposed)

Dranesville District

* John Foust, Democrat

web site: www.foustforsupervisor.org

* Joan Dubois, Republican

web site: www.joanduboisforsupervisor.com

Hunter Mill District

* Cathy Hudgins, Democrat (incumbent)

* Doug Bushee, Republican

web site: www.electdoug.com

Lee District

* Dana Kauffman, Democrat (incumbent, unopposed)

Mason District

* Penny Gross, Democrat (incumbent)

* Buzz Hawley, Republican

web site: www.buzzhawley.com

*Young Duek Ahn, Independent

Mt. Vernon District

* Gerald Hyland, Democrat (incumbent)

* Purvis Dawson, Republican

web site: www.purvis4supervisor.com

Providence District

* Linda Smyth, Democrat

* Jim Hyland, Republican

web site: www.jimhyland.com

Springfield District

* Elaine McConnell, Republican (incumbent)

Sully District

* Georgette Kohler, Democrat

* Michael Frey, Republican (incumbent)

web site: www.michaelfrey.com