Big Brain, Big Heart

Big Brain, Big Heart

Letter to the Editor

<bt>To the Editor:

We in Fairfax County will elect three at-large members who will look at the "big picture" of our Fairfax County School system as a whole. Nell Hurley will get my vote, and she should get one of your three votes as well.

By any measure, Fairfax County is a big operation needing at-large School Board members with big brains — and big hearts. Nell Hurley clearly has the big brain needed for this job. Many have seen Nell Hurley's amazing ability to assemble, review, and present data, an ability that has resulted in the school system's chief operating officer to refer to Nell Hurley as the "conscience of the community."

As someone who has had the good fortune to work with Nell Hurley on school issues for years, I know Nell Hurley also has a big heart. Even a quick review of Nell Hurley's volunteer activities indicates her tremendous commitment to our community. For example, even though she had no children participating in Odyssey of the Mind last year, when I asked her to help run the regional competition, Nell Hurley walked up to the plate and batted a homer, coordinating the efforts of hundreds of volunteers. Had she not been willing to do this massive undertaking, the OM competition was at risk of being canceled.

Because of her PTA work and her participation in a variety of advisory committees, Nell has become extremely familiar with many aspects of our school system including the budget, facilities, curriculum, class size, transportation and the needs of special student populations. Highly intelligent and creative, several of Nell Hurley's suggestions have already been implemented in our school system

Mother of four daughters (two FCPS graduates, one in high school, and one still in elementary school), Nell Hurley sees at a very personal level how good how school system is, in general. At the same time, Nell is deeply concerned about those children who aren't quite getting the appropriate education for them in particular. It is often those students in general education classes whose needs are neglected.

This county is fortunate to have a School Board candidate with such impressive professional experience, relevant educational background, long-term community commitment, and extensive school system involvement. Vote Nell Hurley - School Board At Large.

Marianne Grabenstetter