12 Candidates Vie for Board Positions

12 Candidates Vie for Board Positions

Candidates for McLean Community Center governing board are announced

The McLean Community Center will hold elections for the governing board of directors on May 15 during McLean Day. Twelve candidates are vying for the open positions.

There are four open adult positions, three for three-year terms and one for a two-year term. The two-year term became available recently when Teresa Rodrigues turned in her resignation.

Bill Bersie, the executive director of the governing board, said that it had two goals for this election — to get more adults to run for the board and to increase voter participation. “We hit one goal. The number of candidates we have this year is certainly the largest since I’ve been here and is probably a record,” said Bersie.

To meet the second goal, for votes cast, the McLean Community Center is encouraging the candidates to “get out the vote” by talking to residents. The McLean Community Center is also supplying absentee ballots for the election in case residents are unable to attend McLean Day, where polling takes place.

Absentee ballots will be made available starting April 19. Residents can request an absentee ballot package by phone or pick one up at the Community Center. Completed ballot packages must be returned to the Community Center by close of business on Wednesday, May 12.

Adults vote for both adult and youth candidates and youths between the ages of 15 and 17 for the youth representative.

“This number of candidates we got this year is really great. People have a real choice in who they are going to elect,” said Sabrina Anwah, McLean Community Center’s public information officer.

For more information on the MCC Governing Board Election, residents can call the Center at 703-790-0123 or visit www.mcleancenter.org.

<sh>Here are the Candidates

<cl>Holly Clement

<bt>“Thrice I have sought your voice and vote in creating 'community.' This past term you voiced a need for a structured, five-day, after-school program for middle-school youth. MCC created that program and two all-day summer adventure programs. At the MCC public hearing on March 24, you sought expansion and applauded the MCC for creating community, a place that middle-school youth can call their own that is safe and productive. Your voice and vote created community.”

<cl>Eddie Eitches

<bt>Nineteen-year resident of tax district, four children. Treasurer, vice president, McLean Citizens Foundation (2000-03); president, DC Phi Beta Kappa Association (2000-02); Wolf Trap producer (2001-present); Leadership Fairfax; president, Africare DC (1984-97); treasurer, McLean Citizens Association; president, AFGE, Local 476, HUD (2000-present; represent 2,700 employees). Senior trial attorney, HUD (1978-99). Harvard Law School 1974. President, Society of Federal Labor and Employee Relations Professionals. Preserve firehouse/expand offerings. Diversify/improve theater programming. Apply marketing skills to develop new constituencies. Support strategic planning for future needs.

<cl>Laurie J. Hilberg

<bt>“MCC has been an invaluable part of my children’s lives, and I value the MCC’s critical contributions to our community’s quality of life and engagement. I have been a successful lobbyist, athlete and mother and pledge my tireless energy, resourcefulness and commitment to family to ensure that the community’s needs are affirmed in the MCC’s spectrum of programs. I wish to serve my children, friends and neighbors in ensuring that the MCC grows as a vibrant and relevant community resource.”

<cl>Edwina Rogers

<bt>Edwina Rogers has extensive experience in public service. Previously, she handled economic policy matters at the White House, trade matters at Commerce Department, and health, housing and Social Security policy in the U.S. Senate. She has a B.S. in corporate finance and a J.D. from Catholic University. Rogers serves on the boards of McLean Citizens Foundation, the McLean Project for the Arts and the McLean Orchestra. She has the desire to serve current and future residents of the McLean community.

<cl>Michael Schlesinger

<bt>Longtime resident of Virginia; McLean community resident since 1996. Served on Board of Tuckahoe Recreation Club, 2000-03 (By-Laws Committee). Volunteers at Virginia high schools to raise “copyright awareness.” Hobbies include acting; performed in Alden Theatre’s "A Christmas Carol" in 2000-01, -03. International copyright/trade law attorney in Washington, D.C.; teaches at George Washington University School of Law. Wishes to serve to ensure that Center arts programs grow and achieve recognition in the community and the D.C. area.

<cl>Patricia Velander

<bt>“A 10-year resident, I have been involved in volunteer activities including PTA, Girl Scouts, church and the Helpline at the Alzheimer’s Association. Current committee activities include membership for McLean Chamber of Commerce and personnel committee at church. I am a self-employed, long-term-care specialist. I am an R.N., hold a B.S. in business administration and a M.S. in health-care administration. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the Board. My interests are the Programs and Communications committees.”

<cl>Charles Willmott

<bt>18-year-resident. Successful businessman. Former theater professional. Knowledgeable about MCCGB issues and processes. “If elected, I will bring fresh leadership, a commitment to the arts, business/management expertise and fiscal conservatism. My vision is for the MCC to provide top-quality programming, improve communication with residents and maximize use of its current facilities. As it begins to consider future expansion, the Board must reconfirm the value of every tax dollar spent and explore all possibilities for non-tax-revenue growth.”

<sh>Youth Candidate Personal Statements

<bt>McLean High School Area

<cl>Esabel Khoury

<bt>“I am running for the Board because I am interested in local government and would like to be more active in community affairs. For two years I’ve had the honor and pleasure of volunteering for the Safe Community Coalition and feel communication between area teens and the Center is something that needs to be strengthened. Volunteer service, plus my involvement in the family business, has given me the skills to confidently accept the responsibilities of this position.”

<cl>John White

<bt>“I am a sophomore student currently attending McLean High School. The golf and track teams have been an important part of my social life, as well as my studies. As a lifelong resident of McLean, I have participated in many camps and activities at the McLean Community Center and appreciate how important it is to the community. I’m very interested in bringing new ideas for activities for the Firehouse, as well as other activities that will appeal to teenagers.”

Langley High School area

<cl>Amanda McCarty

<bt>“For three years, I have been a member of student government at Langley High. I have resided in McLean for five years and have always been interested in being involved. I’ve coached fifth- and sixth-graders for MYI basketball. I’m interested in this job because I think it’s very important for the younger generation to be involved in the community. I believe if I were to represent Langley, I could inform students as to what is going on in the community.”

<cl>Emily Newman

<bt>“I was a peer helper at Cooper and have been in the Safe Community Coalition (SCC) for three years. Next year, I am to be a director of SCC. I have participated in many drug, alcohol and tobacco forums. I have been involved in many activities, from sports to theater, music to photography, and I’ve found that the thing I enjoy most is helping people. I know I could make even more of a difference with this high position. “

<cl>Joshua Segal

<bt>“A freshman at Langley High, where I play lacrosse and football, I’m also a McLean Youth basketball referee and a summer lifeguard. There are many reasons I’d like to be the Langley representative and why I think I’ll do a good job. Coaches depend on me to lead and communicate with teammates to establish a strong team bond. I’m interactive in my school community; students and teachers know and respect me. I believe I can bring students’ viewpoints to the Board.”