Moon Over Buffalo' at Thomas Jefferson

This spring will see the opening of "Moon Over Buffalo," a truly hilarious comedy by Ken Ludwig. The play is set in Buffalo, N.Y., where once-glamorous, now slightly faded star acting couple George and Charlotte Hay are stopped on their repertory theater tour, along with their company manager and sometimes actor Paul (Max Schneller), and Charlotte's mother Ethel (Sarah Wansley). George and Charlotte, portrayed by the versatile Zach Fithian and Katie Koopman-Aizcorbe, were recently passed over for parts in a Frank Capra movie, their last chance to make it big, and are disappointed about this final missed opportunity. However, both are dealing with the disappointment in their own, quirky way until it comes out that George has had an affair with one of the other actresses in the company, Eileen (played by Alli Lidie), who is now pregnant. This betrayal is the last straw for Charlotte, who walks out on with the Hays' lawyer, the suave and debonair Richard (Jamie McCellend).

Meanwhile, the Hays' daughter Roz, played by Claire Bea, has returned to Buffalo to introduce her parents to her nervous weatherman fiance, Howard (Brad Wergley). As the play proceeds, Howard and Roz get separated, Howard is mistaken by the company actors for various people, messages are miscarried, partially deaf Ethel points everyone in the wrong direction, everyone gets confused, and George gets very, very drunk. The play, with it's truly excellent and constantly hilarious cast, is full of nonstop laughs and hilarity. The show, so far has been an absolute pleasure to work on and will be wonderful to watch. See "Moon Over Buffalo" at Thomas Jefferson on April 16, 17, 23 and 24.