Wayside Grows and Develops

Wayside Grows and Develops

Back to School, Wayside

What is the biggest difference you foresee between this year and last year?

“The biggest changes I see are the new fourth and fifth grade programs as well as the new reading and language arts curriculum. Also, this year our enrollment is going up, so class sizes could possibly increase. For instance, this year we have three kindergarten classes rather than last year’s two, and the children’s schedules change year to year as we try to meet everyone’s needs. This year we also have a new assistant principal, Dr. [Albert] DuPont, and a new PTA executive board, and I’m looking forward to working with both.”

What is a challenge that Wayside faces as a school?

“I think we definitely need to continue meeting the needs of all students, as well as to continue succeeding and excelling. We also would like to continue and improve the communication between home and school so that everyone can work together, faculty, parents and students.”

Is there anything you wish parents would do more?

“The parents at Wayside are absolutely wonderful and very supportive of the school. One thing I would like to see this year is that parents volunteer to work with children and grades other than those in which their children are. I am pleased with how willing to help they are, and I would like to see them continue to call the school and speak with the administration with any concerns they might have.”

Is there anything you wish parents would do less?

“No. I can’t say enough how involved the parents are here, and I’d love for them to stay involved in their child’s education as he/she goes up through the grades, as the parents’ involvement is directly related to their child’s success in school.”

What is your favorite thing about Wayside?

“I love the sense of community at Wayside. The kids immediately feel the community spirit between the faculty and the parents and the students. Also, no matter how well we are doing, we can still grow and improve and develop.”


10011 Glen Road

Potomac, MD 20854

Phone: 301-279-8484

Grades: K-5

Principal: Suzette M. Chagnon

PTA President: Suzanne Singer

Special Programs


Racial/Ethnic Composition

African American: 5.9%

American Indian: 0.5%

Asian: 34.0%

Hispanic: 2.1%

White: 57.5%

Receiving Spec. Ed.: 5.9 %

ESOL: 4.9 %

FARMS: 2.8 %

Student/Instructional Staff Ratio: 12.6

Average Class Size (Grades 1-2): 22.3

Average Class Size (Grades 3-5): 25.5

Average Class Size (Kindergarten): 17.8

Projected Enrollment/Capacity: 617/575*