Wheeler Sisters Join Cast of 'Annie'

Wheeler Sisters Join Cast of 'Annie'

Opening night reception held last weekend.

The sun will come up tomorrow, and the next day for the two Wheeler sisters who are currently appearing in Aldersgate Church Community Theater's (ACCT) production of "Annie." This is the first role for both of the girls and a big one for fourth-grader Rebecca Wheeler, who commented on her starring role after the third performance.

"I'm getting more interested in my character. I was a little nervous at first with all those people, but now I'm more relaxed."

Rebecca said that she was surprised at how easy it was to learn her lines. The only thing she didn't like about performing was the late nights.

"I didn't like that we had to stay up until 10 or 10:30, it was hard to think when it was that late," she said. She does, however, like having one of the bigger roles.

No sibling rivalry between these two girls. Rebecca said, "It was kind of a relief to work with my sister because I didn't know anybody. I couldn't have done it without her," Rebecca said.

Lyndsey agreed, and while she would like a bigger role for herself next time, she doesn't at all begrudge her sister playing the lead role.

"I wanted my sister to get the lead role; it was fun working with her. I didn't know that many people and we encouraged each other," Lyndsey said.

She liked the singing and dancing, but found it a little difficult at rehearsal since everybody was at such different levels. Lyndsey didn't like the late nights much either.

"It was fun. I like singing and dancing and performing with the other girls," Lyndsey said.

Lyndsey said that they had rehearsed enough that she knew where to be on stage during the performance. "I just wish I could see the whole show," she said.

"I'm very proud of them both, and it made it easier for us having them both in the show at the same time," said Barb Wheeler, Rebecca and Lyndsey's mother.