Record Number of Racers Turn Out for Pantherlon

Record Number of Racers Turn Out for Pantherlon

Pantherlon organizer Rebecca Bostick attributes better advertising and good weather to the record number of racers who turned out for this year's Pantherlon 5K Run. She said that they had 262 runners, including a large turnout from the students in the school.

Sponsored by the Carl Sandburg PTA, this event is a fundraiser for the school. Coming in first was J.D. Rojas, runner and student from West Potomac. First place overall female was Milligan Grinstead. Brendon Vaslter and Win Persina were the first place master male and first place master female.

Finishing first and second for Carl Sandburg was Josh McFarland Jeffery Labelle. First place Sandburg female was Mara Perscheia and second place Sandburg female was Alison Underwood. Taylor Bostick placed first for the Sandburg Alumni.

Bostick said, "Rojas completed the run in record time. It [the run] turned out very well. We raised over $3,000 for the Sandburg PTA." Sponsors included: Panera Bread, Krispy, Kreme, Safeway, Outback Steak House, Founder's Restaurant and Brewery, Primos Pacers, Village Hardware, Hollin Hall Automotive Service Station, Fort Hunt Sportmens Association, Rebecca LG Bostick, Architects Inc., Fort Hunt Animal Hospital, The Genuario Companies, Gatorade, HTL Contractors, Tom Pleimbling Realty, Inc., Charles Seward Construction, Inc., Hughes Orthodontics. Richard Stone, DDS, PC

Fort Hunt Plumbing, Inc., Bodnar Chiropractic Center, Grant Schneider II, DDS, Jeffery David Weaver, DDS, PC, Road ID, Bob's Printing and Mount Vernon Voice,