$350,000 Pediatric Face Lift

$350,000 Pediatric Face Lift

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital has completed a $350,000 face lift in its pediatric unit in a new location in the hospital. The renovation took four months and is part of the hospital's ongoing effort to provide exceptional care for children.

"We want the patients to feel at home and be as comfortable as possible," said Pediatric Director Dr. Jamie Ohriner, M.D.

The rooms are splashed with bright colors and animals. All eight of the private rooms have art murals painted on the walls depicting Orca whales, bears and fish at play. The murals, painted by neonatal nurse Mary Saunders, help to soothe the children's anxiety — helping the patients and their parents relax.

THE STAFF at Fair Oaks wanted to make the unit less like a hospital and more like a play area. There is a play room that contains toys, books and games, and even the tables and chairs are child-sized.

"The play room is our pride and joy. It was something that we demanded when we renovated," said pediatric nurse Elizabeth Crosman, RN. The patient rooms are used only for recovery; there is a separate treatment room for shots, IV's, and giving blood.

Used by children up to the age of 18, the Fair Oaks pediatric unit is staffed with board-certified physicians and nurses who work around the clock. Each room is equipped with a sleep chair that can accommodate overnight stays by family members.

Also, by the end of November, a Get Well Network will be installed, which will allow patients to order movies, play video games, and use the internet all in the comfort of their room. With the help of the new system, patients will also be able to order their own meals.

The At Your Request program allows patients to order food that specifically fits their appetite and eating habits. The food is delivered when the patient wants it instead of every patient eating at the same time.

"At Your Request is really good for the patients because not every child eats at the same time everyday. With this system, they can order what they want, when they want it," said Marisa Little, RN, Director of Women and Children Services. "We are always striving to make it better for the children."