Dining In: Friday Night at the Fire Station

Dining In: Friday Night at the Fire Station

Dinner with local fire and paramedics can get cold.

The Herndon Fire Department, one of the many stations covered by Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel, opened up their house last week to show what an average Friday night is like.

Although the C-shift has a few good chefs on hand, the scheduled cooks for the evening were busy attending to a paramedic call when they were supposed to start cooking. So Reid Luttchea took on the task of preparing the crew with garlic bread, penne pasta with alfredo sauce or a smaller batch with olive oil, seasonings and garlic and grilled chicken, along with a hearty salad prepared by Capt. Robert Rhoads.

After waiting almost an hour for the four members of their crew to return from the hospital, the three firefighters left to man the station opted to start eating. Almost as soon as they sat down though, they were called out on a vehicle fire, leaving their hot plates and salads to sit for 45 minutes until their return.