Upcoming Town Council Agenda

Upcoming Town Council Agenda

The next Town Council regular session is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 14 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.

The agenda includes six presentations including the recognition of National POW/MIA Recognition Day; certificate of Responsible Citizenship to Timothy Ryan for attempting CPR to save the life of a Reston resident at the Herndon Golf Course; Yard of the Month award; recognition of Jim Deuel, general manager of the Hyatt Dulles, for his dedicated service to Herndon; an expression of appreciation to the Honorable Judy Downer for her work on the Planning Commission, and recognition of September being Hispanic Heritage Month.

Public hearings will be held on an ordinance that will officially terminate Madison Street where it currently ends in relation to the Ishee property preliminary subdivision, also known as Runnymede Manor Section 2. Approval of this ordinance would terminate the street in compliance with the original Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1990, as opposed to continuing it through the former Ishee property to the Herndon Parkway.

The council will hear a staff report on changing the Comprehensive Plan Amendment, CPA #04-2, land use plan map. The request is to amend the land use map from the adopted Herndon 2010 Comprehensive Plan and reclassify the land use designations for 10 areas, ranging from Adaptive Areas to either Neighborhood Conservation or Services and Industries.

The council will be presented with a zoning ordinance text amendment that, if approved, will allow a deviation of fence height to permit higher fences in rear and side yards.

The Department of Community Development has requested the council approve an ordinance that would amend the Fiscal Year 2005 budget, so that the department can hire an additional community inspector. The amended change would increase the Department of Community Development's proposed FY 2005 budget by $37,900, to pay for the additional salary and employer benefits of the new position. To fund the increase, it is recommended the FY 2005 revenue projection for cable TV franchise fees be increased by $37,900. The original FY 2005 revenue projection is $211,100.

The council will vote to approve a memorandum of understanding with the Herndon Foundation for the Cultural Arts, for the planning, funding, construction and operation of the proposed community arts center in the downtown.