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Three Arlingtonians have been appointed to Virginia boards and commissions by Gov. Mark Warner. Lisa Lyle Wu, a teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School, has been appointed to the Board of Trustees at the Museum of Natural History. Allen Muchnick, a league cycling instructor for the League of American Bicyclists, has been appointed to the Board of Transportation Safety; and Hady Amr, the managing director of the Amr Group and executive director of the World Links Arab Region, has been re-appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Virginia Public School Authority.

<sh>Arlington County Fair 2004 Competitive Exhibits Winners


Baked Goods: Ranee Haire, Helen Cahill, Charles Ritman, Caroline Verrecchia.

Food Preservation: Rebecca Roper, Dakota Springston, Mason Snider.

Art Needlework and Wearing Apparel: Mariela Jaramillo, Elizabeth Tedder, Sarah Jensen.

Dolls and Bears: Debbie Smith, Travis Snider, Tristian Crenshaw, Logan Eldridge.

Crafts: Loretta Kfoury, Bobby Pinkerton, Marshall Benjamin, Adi Kambhampaty.

Fine Arts: Joan Silberman, Ryan Harding, Daron Fleming, Maddie Hoburg.

Photography: Brian Long, Gretchen Butt, C. C. Chargery, Kate Felsenheld.

Vegetables/fruits/nuts: Alan Wright, Dakota Springston, Emma Tober, Kevin Engel.

Flowers: Marilyn Lee, Clark Thomas, Crister George. Ceramics: Matt Meagh, Lauren Mathae, Ariel Hamilton, Madison Ihrig.

Education and Leisure: Paulina Kosturos, Finlay McCracken, Kelsey Coia and Neil Mockler (Creative Writing), Dakota Springston (Science).


Baked Goods: Margaret Savage, Dakota Springston, Christopher Ritman. Food Preservation: Kathleen Westmoreland, Dakota Springston, Mason Snider.

Art Needlework and Wearing Apparel: Sharon Baber, Colleen Foster.

Dolls and Bears: Sylvia Jandris, Elizabeth Wagner, Laurie Shapiro, Logan Eldridge.

Crafts: Henri Chautard, Claire Norris, Albert Coia, Lyla H. Ward.

Fine Arts: Frances Wolfson, Teresa Oaxaca, Rebecca Frank, Aryn Geier.

Photography: David Taylor, Chris Musto, Emily Faison, Eleni Riris.

Vegetables/fruits/nuts: Judee Blohm, Katy Christie, Manon Loustaunan, Reid Benjamin.

Flowers: Judee Blohm, Lee Thomas, Hazel Lindahl.

Ceramics: Joan Bickelhaupt, Madeleine H. Ward, Ava Oaxaca, Eleni Riris.

Education and Leisure: Robert Greene, Carlton Johnson, Rachel Wysor, Rebecca Merriman-Goldring (Creative Writing).