'Romeo and Juliet:' A Review

'Romeo and Juliet:' A Review

With its new, contemporary style and delightful cast, Dominion High School's production of "Romeo and Juliet" was a smash hit. The cast included the talented Michael Royce and Kim Winters as none other than Romeo and Juliet. Other cast members included Sean Ritchey, playing the ever-so-colorful Mercutio who is Romeo's best friend, along with Joseph Gusman playing a new, alternative version of Tybalt, Juliet's cousin.

Director Anne Pruitt, along with assistant Director Laura Fender, had a wonderful and new take on the Shakespearean classic, with a set merely consisting of four metal scaffolds and a soundtrack full of everyone's favorite '80s jams. The cast was full of veteran actors and "newbies" who came together to create a cast that provided a wonderful experience enjoyed by delighted audiences during the four performances.

Up next for Dominion's drama department is the spring musical "Anything Goes," opening April 28 and running through May 1.