'Les Miserables' at Herndon

'Les Miserables' at Herndon

The spring season has at long last arrived, and with it the much anticipated "Les Miserables." Based on the novel by Victor Hugo, "Les Miserables" is a breathtaking tale of the struggle of one man, Jean Valjean (Nobel Sidhu), and how that struggle changes the lives of the people around him.

An escaped convict, Valjean forsakes his criminal history and becomes a moral man, his only wish to live his life in peace. Yet wishes are often difficult to obtain. Javert (Adam Spalletta), a policeman, dedicates his life to the pursuit of Valjean, and that is where this epic begins.

Years later, France is under serious stress and a revolution is in the making. Headed by Enjorais (Thomas Jones), a band of idealistic students plan for the day when they will overthrow the tyrannical French government. Yet one of the students, Marius (Alex Dobbs), has fallen head-over-heels in love with the beautiful Cosette (Meghan Morgan), who happens to be Valjean's adopted daughter. But to even further complicate things, Eponine (Katie Shaffer) is in love with Marius, though he does not return her love. And her parents, Thenardier (John Daniel) and his wife (Sarah McGrath) are scheming thieves that are treacherous and greedy. Filled with majesty, sorrow, heroes, and villains, "Les Miserables" is an awe-inspiring story. And with performances from Herndon's star-studded cast, it is sure to be a fantastic show.