Teachers Join Students in School Band

Teachers Join Students in School Band

The last time Nancy Sage, sixth-grade teacher at Fort Hunt Elementary School, played the trumpet, she was in fifth or sixth grade. That was before she joined the Fort Hunt Band, which ibcludes several of her co-workers and many of her students.

“We had a ball,” said Sage, who was one of 15 teachers who heeded to the call to join the band. “It was really good for the kids, we were interspersed among them and it really calmed them down.”

Carol Coose, principal, also joined the band. She played the drum, and said that it was harder than she realized.

Sage said that it was hard for her because she didn’t have any other teachers practicing trumpet. The teachers practiced before school, so Sage sometimes practiced with one of her students after school.

Led by band Instructor Amy McCurdy, the combined group of 14 teachers and 125 students performed two concerts at the end of the year. Sage said that they played about seven songs, including “Dragonslayer.” The teachers performed “Let’s Go Band” which everybody enjoyed, although the students did say that the teachers stole their favorite song.