Glenda Gail Parker (Ind. Green-44)

Glenda Gail Parker (Ind. Green-44)

AGE: 58

FAMILY: Three grown children, two grandchildren.

CAMPAIGN MAILING ADDRESS: 5904 Mt. Eagle Dr., Unit 506, Alexandria, VA 22303

CAMPAIGN PHONE: 703-960-5602



OCCUPATION: Self-employed

EMPLOYMENT: Steppingstone Industries, Inc.

EDUCATION: M.A. in business administration, Central Michigan University,1989; B.A., in software engineering administration, Central Oklahoma State University, 1993; B.A. in management, Central Oklahoma State University, 1982

QUALIFICATIONS: I meet all the qualifications for a candidate in the 44th District House of Delegates election.

1. What is your top public service accomplishment?

Retired U.S. Air Force major. Retired GM 15, Pentagon budget analyst. Mother of three adult children. State Secretary Independent Greens.

2. What sets you apart from the other candidate(s) in the race?

I am a strong advocate for rail and beautifying Route 1 (Richmond Highway). We need rail along Route 1 to Fort Belvoir. We need rail now. Folks in my district have told me they want more trains and less traffic. I am the strongest advocate for fixing the problems. We need rail and we need it now.

3. What is one thing you promise not to do if elected?

I promise to not stop advocating rail. We need more trains and less traffic. Forty-two thousand Americans die every year on our highways. Over 300,000 are seriously injured in auto accidents. Every week another local teenager is killed. Rail is safer. Rail saves lives. Rail cuts dependence on foreign oil.

4. What is the biggest issue facing your district? What should be done to address it?

Traffic. We need rail on Route 1. We need to extend MetroRail. We need to put rail across the Wilson Bridge into Maryland and along the beltway. We need rail directly to Tysons Corner. We need to build rail.

5. Is there any additional legislation in regard to abortion that you would support? Would you make any changes to the current laws and regulation about abortion in Virginia?

No answer. This campaign is about building rail and beautifying Route 1.

6. In Virginia, local governments have limited control of revenue and taxing authority. Should they have more? Less? What changes would you propose?

Mount Vernon, Alexandria and Fairfax County residents need more say and impact on how taxes will be used. I absolutely support us having more say. I will support any legislation that gives more voice and more control of vital issues that affect our lives. Recent opinion polls and experience with petition drives demonstrate that Northern Virginians support extending rail to solve the traffic problems. We need rail to go to the places people need to go to.

Members of this year's Fairfax Transportation Task Force advocated allotting about $300 million a year to build new light rail. That's 10 percent of the annual county budget of $3 billion. They also called for a $300 million dollar "Light Rail on the beltway and into our communities" bond issue.

7. In Northern Virginia, property taxes have increased dramatically in recent years. What role should the state play in this?

Property taxes are a local issue, decided by whomever is elected in every Board of Supervisors election. The Board of Supervisors set the real estate tax rates and decides how to spend our real estate taxes. We advocate more candidates and less apathy. An excellent way for citizens to have a strong impact on taxes is to join the Independent Greens and run for Board of Supervisors in 2007.

8. What do you believe the role of the state should be in determining the status of same-sex couples in Virginia?

No answer. This campaign is about building rail and beautifying Route 1.

9. What are your views about public-private partnerships and other mechanisms to privatize Virginia’s highway system? What are the caveats you would identify as we move forward with this process?

We need rail and we need it now. Fairfax County folks are paying record prices as the gas pump. Americans are dangerously dependent on foreign oil. Toll-roads make the problem worse and the higher speeds on them will cause more fatalities.

10. Do you believe that illegal immigration is a problem in Virginia? If so, why, and what should be done?

The positive solution is county sponsored day-labor centers complete with immigrant laborer registration and health screening. Immigrants provide valuable services and they also pay taxes. Ultimately it is the federal government that must take primary and financial responsibility for enforcing immigration policies and for the added financial strain on the commonwealth and county's infrastructure.