Daniel Haugh (Ind. Green-37)

Daniel Haugh (Ind. Green-37)

AGE: 27

FAMILY: Unmarried

CAMPAIGN PHONE: 703-460-3863

E-MAIL: danielhaugh@yahoo.com

OCCUPATION: Electrical Engineer

EMPLOYMENT: Defense contractor

EDUCATION: EE and Physics undergrad at Universtiy of Michigan

QUALIFICATIONS: Problem solving and Integration experience

1. What is your top public service accomplishment?

Working with Habitat for Humanity.

2. What sets you apart from the other candidate(s) in the race?

I've always been a problem solver, and to me, traffic in Northern Virginia is one problem I've always wanted to tackle. While I may still have the shortest resume, I will be the one who doesn't play by the politics-as-usual rules. I want results and I will find out why Fairfax is not getting them when it comes to old mass transit promises we've been hearing from the two parties for 20 years.

3. What is one thing you promise not to do if elected?

Spend time doing studies that state the obvious.

4. What is the biggest issue facing your district? What should be done to address it?

Urban sprawl combined with intense traffic is slowly bringing commerce to a halt in Fairfax. We need to find ways of providing alternatives to the lonely drive to work. This can be done by first relieving the pressure on the most common routes in an out of this area. The first easy step is easing the use of public walkways and improving pedestrian transit throughout the region. Then trains to Dulles and beyond would be only the first step in solving the commuter traffic jams we face today.

5. Is there any additional legislation in regard to abortion that you would support? Would you make any changes to the current laws and regulation about abortion in Virginia?

I will be sticking to fixing our traffic problems and improving our state infrastructure because those issues represent the most basic responsibility the government has. My candidacy will not attempt to change any laws concerning this social issue.

6. In Virginia, local governments have limited control of revenue and taxing authority. Should they have more? Less? What changes would you propose?

Northern Virginia deserves more revenue than it gets but I believe that it is a matter of who represents Northern Virginia down in Richmond, not what the laws say.

7. In Northern Virginia, property taxes have increased dramatically in recent years. What role should the state play in this?

We can not overburden the longtime residents of this area simply because our tax system punishes those who make a good investment; we need a tax system that takes into account the commitment a tax payer has to this area. We only encourage community growth in doing this and we relieve the burden on fixed income household some of whom make up the back bone of our community.

I would caveat this with a warning about possible drops in housing prices and losses in tax revenue in the next few years. We may face the stiff reality that our expectations for revenue will fall short and we must be ready for this coming from a strategic point of view.

8. What do you believe the role of the state should be in determining the status of same-sex couples in Virginia?

Same sex couples should have the right to call themselves what they wish, but if the citizens of Virginia are adamantly opposed to state recognition of these unions then we can not overturn society's definition of marriage.

9. What are your views about public-private partnerships and other mechanisms to privatize Virginia’s highway system? What are the caveats you would identify as we move forward with this process?

I believe road systems can and should remain in the public domain, and that toll roads should be used minimally as possible. Corporations operate best under competition, and if government is inefficient at operating things it is also horrible at privatizing anything that requires completion in order to deliver on the improved performance qualities. You do not want your roads controlled by local monopolies like a cable company or a deregulated electric company.

10. Do you believe that illegal immigration is a problem in Virginia? If so, why, and what should be done?

Illegal immigration should be dealt with but we need a new angle at solving this problem. Because illegal immigrants come here without fear of detainment because the draw of good employment is too great, then we must take that which they come here for away. I would propose new laws with steep fines and or jail time for any individual or corporation found to employ an illegal immigrant. The illegal immigrants do not have much to lose, but their employers do and they should pay dearly.