Getting To Know ...

Getting To Know ...

Christina Azimi is a senior at Robinson Secondary School. She is very involved in a wide range of activities, and was recently named this year's Homecoming Queen. She is this week's People Profile.

Years in the Community:

I've lived in the Robinson and Fairfax community for about eight and a half years now. Before I moved with my wonderful family to Fairfax, we lived only 15 minutes away in Springfield.

Family: My father, Barry I. Azimi, my mother, Ruth M. Azimi, and my sister, Jasmine Azimi, 15.


I have been enrolled at Robinson since the seventh grade. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that the first time I set foot into the school that seemed like an enormous maze was six years ago. Now, Robinson is my home. I am a full IB Diploma Candidate at Robinson Secondary school. That means that I am following the International Baccalaureate curriculum: IB classes in English, math, science, Spanish, and history.

Current job:

My primary occupation at this point in my life is being a student. I take my school work seriously and much of the time, I consider myself my own worst critic. Additionally, I have held positions over the summer, such as an employee of Nova Flooring Surfaces as a receptionist. This past summer, I held a volunteer position as an English Teacher in the school Albita de Rodriguez in San Miguel, El Salvador. I taught English for underprivileged children for grades 1-11. I was required to have lesson plans organized for each day, focusing on different aspects of English.


Robinson Academic Letter, Robinson Scholar Athlete Award, second place in Engineering Category of school-wide Science Fair February 2005, selected as an evaluator to hire the Fairfax Country Public School assistant superintendent in August 2005, selected as an IB board member


Representing my class as president has been one of the most rewarding experiences all of the three years of high school. There is not a feeling that could compare to working on various projects with your classmates for ultimately results. I also enjoy yearbook, crew, travel and painting. Yet, the most important three things in my life are my faith, my family and my friends. Faith has provided me with an overwhelming sense of peace and understanding and it teaches me what kind of person I should be. My family is a typical loud family. I enjoy the support we give each other because we see each other all of the time. As for my friends, hands down, I have the greatest friends ever. They have only shown me what the true meaning of friendship really is. Without them, I would not be surviving high school.

Favorite local restaurant:

My favorite local restaurant has to be Noodles & Company. They have the most incredible Mac & Cheese. I also find that it is a nice, low key escape when I want to study or catch up with an old friend.

Community concerns:

As a member of the Fairfax community, I have always felt exposed to a great variety of opportunities academically, socially and in the community. Being a minority, with my father from Afghanistan and my mother from El Salvador, I feel blessed to have to exposure to new possibilities that my parents did not necessarily experience when they were my age. However, I would like to work more closely with the minority population, both at Robinson and in the community to encourage more minority students to take advantage of the Northern Virginia's resources. I think by establishing a personal relationship with the students, you can go a long way. Over the summer, the IB Program at Robinson sponsored a Minority Student Leadership Camp for Middle Schoolers and I volunteered at the camp. I think this was the right step to holding students accountable for future academic endeavors.

Community hidden treasure:

I think that the Fairfax community has a lot of hidden treasures to offer to the rest of the world. For example, many people distinguish the south by "Southern Hospitality" but no one talks about the warmth the people in Northern Virginia have to offer. But for the most part, I find examples of great strength and leadership everyday in the community and at school.

Additionally, I think the lakes in the area have always been underrated. I love the natural environment and I am always automatically drawn to water as a source of beauty and entertainment. Lake Royal in Fairfax is a great place to enjoy company with friends, roast marshmallows at night in the park or just take a nice jog around. It is a source of comfort.

Personal goals:

My immediate personal goals include graduating from Robinson as a Valedictorian and earning my IB Diploma. As cliché as it may sound, my very broad purpose in life is to help the world. I would like to study international relations, to bring about change in the conditions in other less fortunate countries, and reunite nations. Additionally, I have a heart for people, so I hope that I will be able to either join the peace corps after college or travel as a missionary. But it all depends on where God takes me. With a faith, there is so much ahead for my future.

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