Mason 'Dean of Density'

Mason 'Dean of Density'

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

John Mason (R) is a nice person, an honorable man, but that does not qualify him as delegate for the 37th District. His campaign literature touts his 12 years as mayor of Fairfax City, as a highly experienced expert in dealing both with congestion and transportation. However, Mr. Mason was unelected after having become the dean of density, the doyen of developers (one of whom named a street for him in appreciation). Then there was the ill-conceived John Mason's Folly — George Mason Boulevard (the road to nowhere), which divides the Crestmont community and threatens to be a continuing drain on the city budget. No, John, we don't need that kind of "experience" in Richmond. Keep your day job, John. Let David Bulova carry our banner to the Commonwealth capital.

John Toner