Getting to Know...

Getting to Know...

Shano B. Kapadia

Name, address, phone number, e-mail. Shano B. Kapadia, President Shano, Inc., 200 Donmore Drive, Great Falls, VA 22066, Ph: 703-421-7410, Fax: 703- 444-0305, e-mail,"

Tell me about yourself. “I am 48 years old, happily married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful children, Sasha and Samir. I love them all tremendously. Sasha graduated from Langley High School in 2004 as a valedictorian and is presently studying at New York University majoring in economics and French. Samir is a dynamic young man. He was School President of Langley High School. He is a freshman at Tufts University. He wants to study politics and pre-law."

Education. “Education was a primary interest in my life. I studied in a private Catholic school in Peshawar, Pakistan in the early '60s. When my dad passed away we moved back to Kabul, Afghanistan. I did not pursue going to college until I came to the United States in 1980. I took English as a second language at Columbia University and later attended Pace


Current job or primary occupation. “When I moved to Great Falls 14 years ago, I wanted to give back to the community. Having 26 years of experience in the hospitality industry I thought I could make a difference, so I started my own business of event planning and group travel. Last year when Sasha moved to New York City, I created ‘Best of New York,’ a trip which was a big success. The people who took the trip were incredibly wonderful, not only did they support my idea but at the same time they were sympathetic towards my husband who had just had a heart attack a month before the trip. It was a great experience and I thank everyone who supported me and lifted my spirits.”

Key ties to your community, community involvement. “My philosophy in life is to be of service. Shano, Inc. stands for sincerity and integrity, and has a lot to offer to the community. It's one-stop shopping. What a wonderful concept to rely on someone who can make all of your arrangements, whether its your corporate function, meetings, social events or group travel. Having a dinner for 12 and don't have time to set the table? Call Shano. It will be done with no stress. Need advice from a personal consultant as to what to wear for a social event or a professional office look? Not an issue because Shano wants to make people feel good about themselves and look great. I believe in providing a service that is ‘only the best... for you.’”

One thing about your community that you enjoy that you don't think most people know about; or something important for a newcomer to know. “Our post office is awesome, and so is the rest of Great Falls. One has to experience it in order to enjoy it. I suggest that one take time to get to know each vendor and place and form their own opinions because each has its own charm.”

List a few of your favorite places in your community; consider restaurants, parks, public places, stores, roads, a place to see the sunset. “Again, I love Great Falls for every single place — restaurants, parks, public spaces, stores, roads, even my own backyard. I am thankful to Gilettes Coffee & Gift Baskets, Great Falls Tavern, Old Brogue-Irish Pub, Deli Italiano, Romantica Deli & Pizzeria, Paul Luggage, Curves, Exxon, Great Falls Connection, Sun Gazzette, and of course my favorite place Falls Salon for allowing me to post information on Shano, Inc. They exemplify care for the small business and indeed I am very grateful.”

If you were king of your community, everyone would … “I would like that each member of our community be the king of his domain and let me be the advisor who is always willing to help.”

One thing you would change about your community. “I would not like to change anything in the community. The community consists of individuals, and each alone has the power to change him/herself, attitudes toward each other, and see one another in a broader prospective — and, with a collective consent, change is better for the people, community and others. I like to work with people not against the people.”

What book do you recommend? “‘Benjamin Franklin: An American Life,’ by Walter Isaacson.”

What is the last movie you saw or enjoyed? “‘Cinderella Man,’ a beautiful story of courage and dignity.”

What is your favorite TV show? “‘Seinfeld.’”

List your hobbies. “Gardening, reading books, meeting people, and serving them with style and grace.”

Where was your last or favorite vacation? “Venice and Rome.”

Describe how you would most like to spend one day? “I love to start the day with positive attitude, each day is special in its own way. I have to have the courage to face it and make a difference in a righteous way and, to me, that is the most challenging way to spend a day.”

What is your favorite quotation? “‘An eye for an eye will make the world blind,’ Mahatma Gandhi.”

If you could be anyone else, who would you be? “No one, I am comfortable with myself. I know who I am. Shano has a lot to offer, it is not known to the people. I am proud of my heritage and indeed proud of my parents who gave me the vision to be myself and no one else.”

If you could meet anyone else (any time in history), who would it be? “Without a doubt, I would love to see the Late Abdul Karim Shadan, Chief Justice of Afghanistan and my beloved godfather, who strived for the betterment of Afghan people. In today’s Afghanistan, the children are the victims. In his honor I have established the Shadan Foundation, helping children in need of education. The good news is that if anyone wants to have the benefit of my services, Shano, Inc. will donate 10 percent of the proceeds generated toward the Shandan Foundation (nonprofit foundation) helping children in need of education. The latest trip is scheduled for Aug. 11 for two nights and three days in New York City staying at the world renowned Waldorf-Astoria. We will be eating at Oscar's in the Waldorf-Astoria, seeing the new Broadway show "The Drowsy Chaperone" from the Orchestra, dining at Le Perigord, and enjoying a night on the town at Iridium Jazz Club. Complimentary scheduled transportation to museums, shops, and attractions will be provided, in addition to a Grand Barbecue Mixer which will be held two weeks prior to trip. The idea is to bring the community together as friends, not only can they meet each other, exchange business information, establish contact, and have a great time plus help a child get a better education."

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