Future Site for Bank is Planned

Future Site for Bank is Planned

It would go in the Sully Station Shopping Center.

It's not yet know which bank, exactly, would set up shop there, but a space is being set aside for it in Centreville's Sully Station Shopping Center off Westfields Boulevard.

PLANS WERE revealed during Tuesday night's meeting of the West Fairfax County Citizens Association (WFCCA) Land-Use Committee. Attorney David Gill spoke on behalf of the shopping center's landlord, JBG Rosenfeld.

He said the landlord filed an amendment to the center's proffered conditions, in July, and expects the matter to go before the county Planning Commission some time in December.

"The amendment is to allow a drive-in bank," said Gill. "We'd leave about 5,000 square feet of the former Frank's Nursery outdoor shopping-area as is and put a 4,000-square-foot bank pad toward the front of it. We're in discussion with a number of users and, hopefully, will be able to give you a proposed architectural design once we have it leased out."

He said the proposal "really has a chance" to improve the shopping center's internal traffic circulation and parking. And he said Wells & Associates will do a traffic study to look for and evaluate any possible traffic problems that might be caused by this additional commercial use there.

"We're concerned about safety in the parking lot," said WFCCA's Carol Hawn. Also important, she said, is "how well any changes fit in with the architecture of Sully Station — because a lot of hours" went into making that shopping center's appearance compatible with the nearby Sully Station community.

"WE UNDERSTAND, so that's why we'll bring the architecturals back to you," replied Gill. Hawn also advised him that "it's vitally important that you contact the Sully Station Homeowners Association, as soon as possible, because they have 'pride of ownership' in that shopping center."

He said he would and noted that a presentation to the "Sully District Council [of Citizens Associations] is on our list, as well." Besides a bank, he said additional retail uses are also planned to someday spring up next to the old Frank's building that now houses Ace Hardware.