Daisies for Valentine's Day

Daisies for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, the nine girls in Daisy troop 6123 will need to look no further than their Daisy troop to find their Valentines.

The girls, under the supervision of troop leader Michelle Coffey-Carr, put together scrapbooks, made from brown paper lunch bags, filled with pictures of the girls, songs they sing at meetings and the all-important Girl Scout Promise during their meeting on Thursday, Feb. 2 at Hunt Valley Elementary School.

While the girls may only be in kindergarten, they have already learned the true meaning of Valentine's Day:

"It's about love. You give Valentines to your family and friends." — Sophia Snyder

"You give people cards, like your friends and cousins and mom and dad and sisters and brothers." — Saron Tewolde

"Everybody gives each other gifts like chocolate hearts." — Rylie Brick

"You can make cards and sometimes you put candy in them." — Aurora Carle

"It's about caring and giving people stuff." — Bailey Coffey-Carr

"It's about giving cards to people like friends and cousins." — Lauren Gramp

"It's about love for your mom and dad and your family." — Caroline Maingault

"It's about being nice to people and giving them nice Valentine's cards that say 'Happy Valentine's Day' and I love you." — Mary Ormsby

"It's about love for everybody." — Elisabeth Points