Reading Across Herndon

Reading Across Herndon

Herndon youth celebrate Dr. Seuss, enjoy reading with guest speakers all day.

In honor of literary great, Dr. Seuss' birthday March 2, children across America celebrated the author's work with parents, teachers, government officials and anyone else willing to take the morning off to read Dr. Seuss' most famous stories.

In Herndon, children at almost every elementary school were visited by guest speakers, who were asked to bring a favorite book.

At Herndon Elementary School, Mayor Michael O'Reilly read "House Mouse, Senate Mouse" to third graders in Sylvia Washington's class. After reading, O'Reilly answered the children's questions about being mayor and then signed autographs before visiting other classes. Council member Harlon Reece also visited and read to Herndon Elementary School students, as did town manager Steve Owen.

At McNair Elementary students entering Debra Wines' second grade class in the morning were met with a surprise as Wines appeared in her "Cat in the Hat" costume. Prepared to honor Dr. Seuss, the students had hand-made "Cat in the Hat" hats, complete with the red and white stripes. As Wines read "Cat in the Hat" the students sat on the floor, saying the words along with her and trying to keep their hats from sliding off their heads. Police Chief Toussaint Summers Jr., Herndon Middle School principal Frank Jenkins and Rachel Carson Middle School principal Augie Frattali were just some of the guests reading to students at McNair.

Up the street at Floris Elementary School, Hunter Mill district Fairfax County School Board member Stuart Gibson read to the students. Other guest speakers included Fairfax County Fire and Rescue personnel, Fairfax County Police officers and representatives from Chick-Fil-A.

Other Herndon schools participated in the Read Across America day event, allowing students to spend much of the day with their heads buried in books.