‘Tikkun Olam’

‘Tikkun Olam’

Wendi and Daniel Abramowitz

The National Capital Area of American ORT presented Daniel and Wendi Abramowitz with the first Young Leadership Award in recogition of ther energy and passion for "Tikkun Olam" or repairing the world.

Daniel Abramowitz is the founder and president of Hillson Financial Managment, Inc. He serves as vic president of the JCC of Greater Washington, chirs its Endowment Committee and serves on teh Executive and Budget Committees. He also serves on the board of the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School.

Wendi Abramowitz is founder and co-chair of the Binai Israel Congregation Social Action Committee. She is a board member of the Jewish Social Service AGency and is a founding membere of JSSA's Women's Giving Group.