Tom Davis for Congress

Tom Davis for Congress

Tom Davis knows how to get things done, and Northern Virginia is best served by returning him to represent the 11th district.

With more IQ points than most two other people put together, Davis is brilliant at strategy and loves the game.

Davis also understands that all politics is local. Rising from serving on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to Chairman of the Board of Supervisors to one of the most influential members of Congress, his constituents can count on him to remember their needs.

He has been remarkably effective in securing funding for a variety of local needs, including Metro and dozens of transportation initiatives. He’s been a thoughtful advocate for the high-tech industry, which has been the foundation of Northern Virginia’s economy.

Davis authored the legislation which resulted in the transfer of Lorton prison’s 2,300 acres to Fairfax County, yielding new communities, plus room for parks, schools and other community facilities.

As chair of the House Government Reform Committee, Davis has brought scrutiny to a variety of important and interesting public issues, including the federal failures in responding to hurricanes Katrina and Rita, lack of security of personnel data in government agencies, and several public health issues including availability of the flu vaccine and abuse of steroids by professional athletes.

We also appreciate Davis’s advocacy for home rule in the District of Columbia.

— Mary Kimm